New Indian Kids’ and YA Books in December 2018

A list of what is is new in children’s books from Indian publishers in December 2018.
The information in this list is what is provided to us by the publishers. Details may be updated.

Picture books

I Didn't Understand - Cover.jpg
I Didn’t Understand
Author: Mini Shrinivasan
Illustrator: Shubham Lakhera
About the book: “This is a story of three things that happened in my school yesterday. I did not understand them. Maybe you will.” An everyday school story about friends and playing, bullying and sharing, takes a gentle turn. For it is told by Manna, and she has Down’s Syndrome. Award-winning writer Mini Shrinivasan bases her narrative on true events, and speaks in Manna’s voice to take us into her mind. That’s how we move closer to understanding her guileless, trusting responses that are so different from the usual. The uncluttered yet emotive pictures movingly echo Manna’s told-as-it-is account of what she can and cannot understand.
Publisher: Tulika Books
Age group: 5+
: Picture book (English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali)
About the author: Mini Shrinivasan is based in Pune but travels extensively to support projects working with children and teachers in the most backward parts of rural India. Her earlier books Just a Train Ride Away and The Boy With Two Grandfathers have won national awards.
About the illustrator: Shubham Lakhera trained at the Riyaaz Academy, Bhopal, while doing a BFA from the Govt Institute of Fine Arts in Gwalior. He lives in the small town of Chanderi, and enjoys listening to stories from long ago.
Price: Rs 165


sera learns to flySera Learns to Fly
Author: Vinitha Ramchandani
Illustrator: Nirzara Verulkar
About the book:Could we ever imagine a creature as small as an ant could also dare to dream? Sera, the ant does! She dreams to fly one day. Despite of everyone backing her down, she tries, and flies. But how? Let us peek into the world of Sera that is filled with colours and ambitions!
Publisher: Katha
Age group: 5+
: Picture book (English, Hindi)
Price: Rs 145
About the author: Vinitha is an author, editor, storyteller, wanna-be traveller and devourer of books. Her stories have been integrated in CBSE and ICSE textbooks. Vinitha is also a columnist and writes a column exploring children’s spaces in Mumbai called ‘Mumbai for Kids’ with a well-known tabloid, Mid-Day.
About the illustrator: Nirzara Verulkar is an illustrator, a commercial artist and an animator. Drawing Chime is a design studio initiated by her for her love of bringing happiness and cheer to everybody around. She loves illustrating food, marathi poems and yoga related things in her leisure time.


cover pageFascinating Friends in the Wild
Author: Hema Bhadwar Mehra
Illustrator: Karam Rai Mehra
About the book: Fascinating Friends in the Wild is WWF-India’s first animal book in rhyme. Written by Hema Mehra and illustrated by Karam Rai Mehra, the book takes you on a fascinating quest, to the homes of animals strange and wonderful, and finally gives them a place in the heart of each reader.

The book is the result of the author’s research to share with her own grandchildren about animals that are little-known and endangered. As Hema writes:

About Lions and Tigers and Bears we already know
Let’s look for the Okapis, The Echidnas, The Blue-footed Boobies and more.
Strange, quirky, fascinating & funny, they also belong
So won’t you open up your heart & carry them along?

Publisher: WWF-India
Age group: 4+
: Non-fiction (English)
Price: Rs 499
About the author: Hema authored several short stories for children, which appeared regularly in Target, an India Today publication, during the period 1984 to 1992. Her story Grinny the Green Dinosaur was selected for publication in an anthology by the same name, published by Katha, alongside authors of renown such as Satyajit Ray and Ruskin Bond in 2000. Fascinating Friends in the Wild is her first independent publication for children.
About the illustrator: Karam Rai Mehra is a Business Studies & Marketing Graduate with a masters in Multi Media Design and 3D digital Art. He currently with Azure Hospitality as a Senior Manager for Digital Media Marketing. With several free-lance illustrating jobs to his credit, his pencil illustrations for this book is his foray into the world of illustrations for Children’s Books.



Cover English.pmd
Why the Elephant Has Tiny Eyes

Author: Pow Aim Hailowng
Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan
About the book: The first chaang, the first elephant, once had big eyes,

Which the animals thought looked beautiful and wise.
Then, along came a bird, a wagtail, and…
Told in verse, this folktale from the Tai Phake people of India’s northeast is gentle and funny. It is one among many animal stories they tell children about why and how something came to be – why the sun comes out when the cock crows, how the tiger got its stripes and how the bulbul and the monkey ended up with red bottoms! Priya Kuriyan chooses an unusually minimal palette of colours to re-create the region’s landscape, while her inimitable flair for animating characters captures the endearing quality of the folktale with warmth and humour.

Publisher: Tulika Books
Age group: 5+
: Picture book (English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali)
About the author: Pow Aim Hailowng belongs to the Tai Phake community. She is one of the fortunate few among her people who got to pursue higher studies and is currently working on a PhD in Legal Studies. Writing fiction is her passion.
About the illustrator: Priya Kuriyan is one of the most acclaimed children’s book illustrators in the country. She is also a writer, comic artist and animator, and has directed educational films for the Children’s Film Society of India. She lives in Kochi.
Price: Rs 175

For younger readers

Lucky It's Not Just a Christmas Story!
Lucky, It’s Not Just Christmas Story!
Author: Nalini Sorensen
Illustrator: Shamika Chave
About the book: 
Five-month-old Lucky loves her family. There’s normally a lot going on, and that keeps her happy and excited. But … it’s Christmas season now, and it’s all been taken up a notch.
Christmas-loving Mummy is loudly singing carols, along with the music from the speaker. Adit and his best friend Chris, are hatching the best-ever plan as Chris’ Christmas present. And Zara seems to be having friendship issues with her best friend, Isha.
Christmas celebrates the joy of giving. But can friendship be gifted?
Lucky, It’s Christmas is a feel-good, heart-warming story, set in the Christmas season, that is guaranteed to make you value your friends.
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Age group:
Chapter book (English)
About the author:
Nalini Sorensenis an award-winning children’s author, who loves spending time with children and looking at the world through the wonder of their eyes. Nalini’s other books include While You Are Sleeping, Papa’s Marathon, Dada’s Useless Present, The Star that Saved the Day, Number Marchand Alphabet Dress-Up.
About the illustrator:
Shamika Chavesis an illustrator and graphic designer based in Mumbai, India. Her work is inspired by the simple joys of everyday life. Visit @shamikasdoodles on Instagram or to learn more about her work.
Rs 150

Flying with GrandpaFlying with Grandpa
Author: Madhuri Kamat
Illustrator: Niloufer Wadia
About the book:‘We need to take him out of here. Xerxes will never grow up with Mamavaji around.’
Xerxes’ mother wants him to be like JRD Tata, but all Xerxes wants is to be like his Grandpa – his beloved Mamavaji. His mother thinks Grandpa is a bad influence on Xerxes and she wants to separate them. Xerxes cannot let that happen! If Grandpa learnt to fly, it might just solve the problem. But Grandpa isn’t interested in any plans for him! Whatever is Xerxes going to do?
Publisher: Duckbill Books
Age group: 8+
: Fiction (English)
About the author: Madhuri Kamat has documented and edited NGO work for two decades, written a poem on women who live on the pavement, a play on child sexual abuse and a script for UNICEF, and translated poems by street children. She has penned television soaps and scripts for forthcoming films. Her first book is Whose Father, What Goes?, a retelling of Hamlet.
About the illustrator: Niloufer Wadia quit her advertising career of over twenty years to follow her true love, illustration and painting. Happening upon children’s book illustration by chance in 2016, she now has published over fifteen storybooks, with several more in the pipeline. Besides this, she illustrates book covers, sketches regularly, does some cartooning and paints on canvas when no deadlines hound her.
Price: Rs 199

She Can You CanShe Can You Can: The A to Z Book of Iconic Indian Women
Author: Garima Kushwaha
Illustrator: Anasthasia
About the book: An A to Z biography of iconic Indian women, one for each letter of the English alphabet. Each character is represented by an illustrative sketch and a 500-word summary. This inspirational and motivational book includes the achievements of pioneering female scientists, doctors, activists, painters, dancers, astronauts, comedians, political leaders and many more from different walks of life.
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Age group:
Non-fiction/biography (English)
About the author: Garima is a research scientist and has a PhD in Bioinformatics. Apart from this, she is interested in women empowerment in the context of Indian women. Garima has previously written for platforms like Youth Ki Awaaz and Women’s Web on issues centred on women empowerment.
About the illustrator: Anastasia is a children’s book illustrator and visual communication designer. She illustrates across mediums – picture books, educational books, children’s apps as well as International authors such as Kobus Neethling (Very Smart Parenting) and the Chinmaya Mission.
Price: Rs 299

The Girl FrontThe Girl Who Went to the Stars and Other Extraordinary Lives
Author: Ishita Jain and Naomi Kundu
About the book: Find out how India’s most admired women followed their dreams.
An unbelievable journey through outer space, the voice of a nightingale, a climb up the highest mountain, a leader of the nation. These are the incredible stories of fifty phenomenal Indian women, such as Amrita Sher-Gil, Arundhati Roy, Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom, Indira Gandhi, Tessy Thomas and more!
Publisher: Puffin Books
Age group: 9
Non-fiction/biography (English)
About the author: Ishita Jain and Naomi Kundu are graduates of the National Institute of Design.
Price: Rs 399

For middle-grade readers

FLIPPED BOOK 2Flipped Book: Adventures and Ghost Stories
Authors: Various
About the book:The Flipped Anthology series gives you two themes, two covers and two sides to open the book from … and you get to choose! Now you don’t need to keep a book away if you don’t like a story or a theme, you only need to flip the book over and start reading again!
This book brings two collections of ghost stories and adventure stories.
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Age group: 8+
Category: Chapter book (English)
Price: Rs 225
Scientists A to Z - coverScientists A to Z
Author: John Reilly
Illustrator: Anna-Maria Jung
About the book: Once this book is closed
A challenge here is posed
To push beyond the boundaries
Observe and test surroundings
To care for bigger pictures
The letters and the figures
And if you always chase what’s true
The next great scientist may be you!
A is for Archimedes, B is for Bose, C is for Curie, and off we go… on an alphabetical journey from the past to the present, coming face-to-face with the wonders of scientific discovery and invention. In John Reilly’s lively verse, set to the rhythm of familiar rhymes, we meet 26 scientists who have changed our world. With jaunty illustrations by Anna-Maria Jung and intriguing biographical tidbits, the book sweeps across topics as diverse as genes, space travel, electricity and more.
Publisher: Tulika Books
Age group: 10+
: Non-fiction (English)
About the author: John Reilly has a PhD in Composition and TESOL, and has written academic pieces, graphic novels and tabletop role-playing games. This is his first children’s book.
About the illustrator: Anna-Maria Jung is an illustrator from Austria who loves all things nerdy. She loves to create cartoons full of silly characters doing all kinds of fun things. She has also created a couple of graphic novels of her own and many T-shirt designs that are being worn all over the world.
Price: Rs 250
The Ultimate Memory handbook_FrontThe Ultimate Memory Handbook for Students
Author: Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal
About the book:

Ace your curriculum and assessments with these ultimate memory techniques.

Retaining information can be hard, especially when you have so many things to focus on-your homework, the rigorous school syllabus and the ever-dreaded competitive exams. Today, students just have too much to learn! This book will serve as a handbook for you to memorize information, topics and answers from your course of study. Using memory-enhancing practices and techniques along with tips, activities and practice sections, you can train your brain to retain a wide range of topics and subjects. From the periodic table to trigonometry, history dates to countries and their capitals, master it all with these practical techniques, supported by some quirky and fun artwork that serves as a great visual aid.

Publisher: Puffin Books
Age group: 10+
: Non-fiction/reference (English)
About the author:

Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal, founders of Dynamic Minds Group, are international memory trainers, mathematics educators, authors and motivational speakers. They have to their credit the Guinness World Record for teaching the largest maths class. Aditi has also been given the Best Memory

Trainer award by the India Book of Records and has been featured in The Limca Book of Records thrice for memory and fast calculation. Together, Aditi and Sudhir have authored three bestselling books, How to Become a Human Calculator?, How to Memorize Anything and How to be a Mathemagician.
Price: Rs 250


Elections in India_Cover_Elections in India: Everything You Need to Know
About the book: As India gears up for its general election, we help you understand the importance of elections. In a democracy, the right to vote and choose a political leader remains with the citizens. Our choice governs the future of our country. This book helps you understand how elections take place, the past and present of the election process and the importance of agencies like the Election Commission. Read it and be better informed of your rights and roles as a citizen of India.
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Age group: 12+
Category: Non-fiction (English)
About the author: RobinAge is a weekly children’s news magazine for 4 to 15 year olds and three-time winner of the Parents’ Choice Award (USA). RobinAge carries news and information on current affairs, science, history, sports, careers, culture and environment along with activities, puzzles and interactive projects. Each issue also includes a special Jr RobinAge supplement for our youngest readers.
Price: Rs 199

NakulSahej_FrontMagic in Mussoorie: The Adventures of Nakul Sahej
Atul Sethi
About the book: A comic book featuring history, mystery and time travel Archaeology student Nakul and his friend Kuku stumble upon an antique book while on holiday in Mussoorie. The book turns out to be a magical one that transports the two back in time to the Mussoorie of over a century ago. Meeting historical personalities of that time like Sir George Everest, who lives in a sprawling estate on the outskirts of Mussoorie, as well as the young maharaja of Punjab Duleep Singh, who has been exiled by the British and is spending a summer in the hill station, Nakul and his friend get involved in an intriguing adventure that sets off a series of events which can change the course of history.

Action-packed and unputdownable, this thrilling adventure story is the first in a series of comic books set in the Garhwal Himalayas.
Publisher: Puffin Books
Age group: 9+
Category: Fiction (English)
About the author:A journalist with over two decades of experience, most of which has been with the Times of India, Atul Sethi is currently chief of the newspaper’s bureaus in Uttarakhand. A keen lover of the mountains, he stays in the Himalayan foothills on the outskirts of Dehradun with his wife, twin children, four cats and a dog. This is his first comic book, which has been inspired by a love for all things historic and mystic as well as a passion for the ligne claire style of comic book storytelling developed by European artists of the 20th century, like Herge, the creator of Tintin.
Price: Rs 250


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