New Indian Kids’ and YA Books in November 2018

A list of what is is new in children’s books from Indian publishers in November 2018.
The information in this list is what is provided to us by the publishers. Details may be updated.

Picture books

Shabana and the Baby Goat

Author: Samina Mishra
Illustrator: Roshini Pochon
About the book: “Wherever Shabana goes, there goes Kajri the little goat. The two are best friends! The problem is, Kajri likes to chew – rope, masterji’s book and even Phuppo Jammo’s beautifully embroidered burkha. Just as things start getting out of hand, Shabana has the perfect idea to put Kajri’s chewing skills to good use! Told with a filmmaker’s flair for visual detail, and with bright, happy pictures, here’s a story that all children will love!
Publisher: Tulika Books
Age group: 4+
: Picture book (English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali)
About the author: Samina Mishra is a documentary filmmaker, writer and teacher based in New Delhi. She has a special interest in media for and about children, and in the ways that the arts can be included in education. She believes that stories help children make sense of the world.
About the illustrator: Roshini Pochont is an illustrator and graphic designer with a love for beautiful books and all things handmade. She collects picture books and hopes to open a library of them soon.
Price: Rs 175 (English); Rs 150 (other languages)


The Tree Boy COVER
The Tree Boy

Author: Srividhya Venkat
Illustrator: Nayantara Surendranath
About the book: Lonely Sid wasn’t always a tree. But the day he misses saving a soccer goal at school, things change for him as he finds himself transformed into one of those brainless trees he so detests. Will he ever be back to being Sid again? And will he find a cure for his loneliness?
Publisher: Pickle Yolk Books
Age group: 4+
: Picture book (English)
About the author: Srividhya Venkat hopped, skipped and jumped careers to find the one she’s most passionate about – writing and storytelling for children. She often wishes that wearing wings could make her fly and that houses were made with books, not bricks.
About the illustrator: Nayantara Surendranath is an illustrator and graphic designer based out of Pune. She began illustrating for children’s picture books in 2012 and her love for children’s content has only continued to grow. In her free time, she juggles, bakes and hangs out with Sakura- her cat.
Price: Rs 350


Home cover English.pmd
A Home of Our Own

Author: Meghaa Aggarwal
Illustrator: Habib Ali 
About the book: “Let’s play house-house!” decide Sunehri and her friends. So they put together some old plates and bowls, empty packets of chips, plastic bottles, a broken helmet… things they’ve collected going about their work in the city on whose streets they live. The game loved by children everywhere takes on a poignant layer when played by those who have never known a home. Pictures full of exuberance and detail bring out their spontaneous joy in a make-believe world, which trips side by side with the harsh reality of their lives.
Publisher: Tulika Books
Age group: 5+
: Picture book (English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali)
About the author: Meghaa Aggarwal finds inspiration in the indomitable spirit of childhood. She has been working with Tulika since 2014, and the invaluable insights from the job have encouraged her to begin a new innings as a writer for children.
About the illustrator: Habib Ali trained at the Riyaaz Academy in Bhopal while doing a BFA from the Govt Institute of Fine Arts, Gwalior. He lives in Gwalior, and is an avid photographer of ordinary people and daily life. This is his first book with Tulika.
Price: Rs 175 (English); Rs 150 (other languages)
Iloveyoumore cover
I Love You More
Karishma Mahbubani
Suzzanne Rebello Naaraayan
About the book: 
Wow! Jay has gotten a new bed.

But is he ready to sleep alone?
Jay feels Ma has stopped loving him. Why else would she make him sleep in his own bed? Will Ma be able to reassure Jay?
Drawing upon their own experiences, the author and illustrator have created a heartfelt tale about a young child who is about to face a major change. The rhyming story
tenderly explores the theme and is a good choice for any parent looking to reinforce her love for an insecure child.

Publisher: Ms Moochie Books
Age group:
Picture book (English)
About the author: 
Karishma Mahbubani is a storyteller with an avid love for early childhood education, books, and her family, but not necessarily in that order. She has published ten books and has written numerous stories for children both young and old.
About the illustrator: 
Suzzanne Rebello Naaraayan is an artist and illustrator based out of Mumbai. She is an experienced media professional who believes in education through art.
Rs 200

Four - cover

Author: Poile Sengupta
Illustrator: Greystroke
About the book: A cat has four legs, a dog has four legs, a chair has four legs…  Four is special for Ela will be four tomorrow, and with Cat, Dog, Car and Grandma, it’s four times the fun!  Bold, colourful illustrations take children into a happy world where they can look for and count many things four.
Publisher: Tulika Books
Age group: 5+
: Picture book (English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali)
About the author: Poile Sengupta is a well known writer for children. She has written several picture books and other books for young adults, and ran a humour column for children in the Children’s World magazine for over three decades. She is also a poet, playwright and novelist for adults.
About the illustrator: Greystroke is a self-taught artist who has been drawing ever since he can remember. He’s been a writer, illustrator, art director, photographer and filmmaker, even publisher, for over twenty years now.
Price: Rs 175 (English); Rs 150 (other languages)
Suddenly Cow - Cover - 500 kb
Suddenly Cow

Author: Sowmya Rajendran
Illustrator: Samidha Gunjal
About the book: Anu’s day begins on a boring note: there is only upma for breakfast. She doesn’t want to eat it and is wondering what to do, when a cow walks in and stands next to her table! After this, the cow pops up throughout Anu’s day, including her Maths class, somehow helping her out on each of these occasions. When it’s Anu’s turn to help, what does she do?
Publisher: Ms Moochie Books
Age group: 5+
: Picture book (English)
About the author: Sowmya Rajendran has written several books for children, ranging from picture books for toddlers to young adult fiction. She was awarded the Sahitya Akademi’s Bal Sahitya Puraskar in 2015. Sowmya currently writes for The News Minute on gender, culture, and cinema. She lives in Pune.
About the illustrator: Samidha Gunjal is an illustrator, animator, and a new mom who loves drawing for children. She is self-trained and constantly explores varied drawing styles and mediums. Samidha is inspired by animals and nature. She loves to travel, experience different cultures, and create a variety of new characters in her sketchbook.
Price: Rs 150

Chapter books


Amra and the Witch
Amra and the Witch

Author: Arefa Tehsin
Illustrator: Chetan Sharma
About the book: Only those who really, badly need an answer would dare go to the witch! But Amra has done something bad, and he really, badly needs to know if he is in trouble …
Publisher: Duckbill Books
Age group: 6+
: Fiction (English)
About the author: Arefa spent her childhood in the jungles of Aravallis with her naturalist father. As a child, she was often found trying to catch a snake or spin a yarn. She grew up to be a story-spinner and was appointed the honorary wildlife warden of Udaipur for a term. She is the author of several fiction and non-fiction books and writes columns and articles for various dailies and magazines.
About the illustrator: ChetanSharma has been an animator, filmmaker, writer, designer, voice artist, illustrator and singer. He founded Animagic India twenty years ago years! Recipient of the National Award in 2005, his work includes making two animated features, six short films, a truckload of commercials, over a dozen children’s books, and adoring his seven doggie pals!
Price: Rs 175

Amma Take Me to .indd

Amma, Take Me to the Dargah of Salim Chishti
Author: Bhakti Mathur
Illustrator: Priyankar Gupta
About the book: Come, explore the places where we worship! Travel with Amma and her boys to the fascinating walled city of Fatehpur Sikri. Hear the story of why Mughal emperor Akbar visited the Sufi saint Shaikh Salim Chishti. Walk through the imposing Buland Darwaza. Study the majestic architecture of the compound. Hear the soulful notes of azan wafting from the Jama Masjid. Tie a thread in the delicate jali screens as you make a wish. Behold the dargah of Salim Chishti shining like a white pearl in an oasis of red sandstone.
Told through interesting stories with captivating illustrations, this new series introduces readers to the history of different faiths and their associated monuments.
Publisher: Puffin
Age group: 8+
: Non-fiction (English)
About the author: Bhakti Mathur took to writing in 2010 when she created the popular Amma, Tell Me series of children’s picture books about Indian festivals and mythology. After a long stint as a banker, she now juggles her time between her writing, her passion for fitness and long-distance running, and her family. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband, their two children and two dogs.
About the illustrator: Priyankar Gupta is an animation film designer and visual storyteller. He is associated with various publishing houses as an illustrator for children’s books and also works as a pre-visualizer for TV commercials and feature films. He is a visiting faculty member and mentor in various design institutes across the country.
Price: Rs. 350

Peanut vs the Piano
Peanut vs the Piano

Author: Yashodhara Lal
Illustrator: Shreya Sen
About the book:Peanut used to love the piano. But now it’s a big old monster, that comes with lessons, exams and Moonish Sir’s scolding, and she’s had enough of it. But is this a battle she wants to win?
Publisher: Duckbill Books
Age group: 6+
: Fiction (English)
About the author:Yashodhara Lal makes people laugh (with her best-selling romantic-comedy books), makes them sweat (with her high-energy Zumba classes) and sometimes makes them sweat harder (as boss-lady in the corporate world!).
About the illustrator:Shreya is from Dibrugarh, a small town in Assam. She has always liked cartoons and so ended up studying Animation and Film Design from the National Institute of Design. She has recently worked on four animated shorts on urban agriculture and organic farming for Auroville. She feels that quirky and happy illustrations make this world a better place to live in.
Price: Rs 175

Of Course, It’s Butterfingers Again
Khyrunnisa A.
About the book: Bang! Thump! Crash! Who’s the wizard of the woeful, the foremost lord of the foul-up, the bumbling baron of blunders? Of course it’s Butterfingers! Even when Amar Kishen-better known as Butterfingers-isn’t stumbling through misadventures, he sure has disaster tailing him every step of the way. And now that he’s back, his ‘brilliant’ ideas land him in trouble (as usual), whether it’s messing around with an Egyptian mummy, dropping a watch in a swimming pool, playing cricket with an all-girls team or saving a rock star’s life. Join the irrepressible Butterfingers in this exciting and enjoyable instalment of side-splitting short stories.
Publisher: Puffin
Age group: 9+
: Fiction (English)
About the author: Khyrunnisa A., prize-winning author of children’s fiction, loves reading, writing and children. She created the popular comic character Butterfingers for the children’s magazine Tinkle. Some of her stories, for children and for adults, have been published in various anthologies.
Price: Rs 250

Author: Rituparna Sarkar
About the book: A fascinating collection of words from around the world
People in different countries speak different languages-and sometimes these languages have words that are untranslatable into English. So here’s Wonderwords, a lexicon of unique words from all over the world that have been beautifully illustrated. This book will open up your child’s world, making them aware of emotions, cultures and practices from far and beyond.
Publisher: Puffin
Age group: 8+
: Non-fiction (English)
About the author: Rituparna Sarkar is an alumna of the National Institute of Design and the co-founder of Bombay Design House, a visual communication outfit.
Price: Rs 399

Publishers who are contributing to this listing:
Amar Chitra Katha
Bee Books
Bloomsbury India
Duckbill Books
Goodearth Pvt Ltd
Hachette India
Karadi Tales
Ms Moochie Books
Pickle Yolk Books
Pratham Books
Puffin India
Scholastic India
Talking Cub
Tara Books
Tota Books
Young Zubaan

We hope to expand this list, so please do ask other publishers to send us details of their forthcoming books.




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  1. So cool to have this multi-publisher round-up. The Duckbill is a generous creature with wide arms and a large umbrella indeed. And what a fab crop of books. The Indian children’s book scene has transformed, truly, from when we all met round that GBO table with Akshay P, the fledgling Bookaroo-team, the pre-Duckbillies, the embryonic Zubaanlet, and lamented the state of affairs back in 2008. What a difference a decade makes!

    More strength to you, lovely folks, and congrats for your fantastic list,

    A ‘hole’ lotta love from me,


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