New Indian Kids’ and YA Books in September 2018

A list of what is is new in children’s books from Indian publishers in September 2018.
The information in this list is what is provided to us by the publishers. Details may be updated.

Picture books

Little Hanuman - Cover
Mutthasi’s Missing Teeth
Author: Mamta Nainy
Illustrator: Debasish Sharma
About the book: Mutthasi has lost her dentures and Nithya is on the case. Will she succeed in finding Mutthasi’s missing teeth? Bite into this romp of a tale about a feisty little girl and her unusual grandmother to find it out for yourself!
Publisher: Tota Books
Age group: 4+
: Picture book (English)
About the author: Mamta Nainy is a children’s book editor. She also moonlights as a writer and has a number of books to her credit. She loves travelling but is too lazy to do it, so she makes do with reading. She can usually be spotted next to a pile of children’s books, chuckling all by herself.
About the illustrator: Debasish Sharma is an illustrator who honed his art at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. He was inclined towards the creative arts from an early age, which then went from being a hobby to a fulfilling profession!
Price: Rs 195

Maoo and the Mousta_English
Maoo and the Moustaches

Author:Arunima Chatterjee
Illustrator: Prabha Mallya
About the book:Maoo the kitten looks up — and there… above Murali Mama’s jolly smile is something thunderous and black, thick and curly… a moustache! Terrified, Maoo runs away. It takes more encounters with some fuzzy, reedy, bushy moustaches and a few long, soft, pointy whiskers for his hairy woes to end. This lively tale gets livelier with Prabha Mallya’s animation-like pictures. Pop-out colours draw the eye to what’s not to be missed in this kitten’s coming-of-age story!
Publisher: Tulika Books
Age group: 4+
: Picture book (Multilingual)
About the author: Arunima Chatterjee is a dreamer, writer, architect and an educator, who often finds herself making sense of the world through the eyes of her little daughter. When she is not writing, she is usually busy getting inspired by anything and everything around her, including conversations with cats!
About the illustrator: Prabha Mallya is an illustrator and comics creator. She works out of her studio on a secret island populated with cats and flightless birds, and is frequently spotted in and around Bangalore. She has illustrated Salim Mamoo and Me for Tulika.
Price: Rs 175 (English); Rs 150 (all other languages)

Little Hanuman - Cover
Tomato Flood

Author: Nitayee Parikh Sharma
About the book:Veer and Ananya LOVE to help Baba in the garden: watering the plants, plucking weeds and clearing dried leaves. One day, they are REALLY naughty, and SQUISH and SQUASH Baba’s freshly grown tomatoes and throw them at each other! A few days later, they discover lots of tomato saplings growing in the garden. Soon the plants begin to fruit and there is a bumper harvest. What are they to do with SO MANY TOMATOES?!
Publisher: Tota Books
Age group: 4+
: Picture book (English)
About the author:An interior designer by profession, Niyatee has recently ventured into the enchanting world of children’s literature. She is passionate about travel, music and growing vegetables on her terrace garden with her husband and two children and through her books, aims to get children curious about growing their own food.
About the illustrator: AlankritaAmaya is an illustrator, graphic designer and children’s book writer. Growing up, she loved picture books and one day decided that telling a story through pictures was something she’d quite like to do for a living. Today, it doesn’t feel like a job to her at all!
Price: Rs 195

The jungle Storytelling Festival_English
The Jungle Storytelling Festival

Author: Janaki Sabesh
Illustrator: Debosmita Mazumdar
About the book: In a jungle far far away, the animals are getting ready for the storytelling festival. Lion, Monkey and Tortoise delight the audience with well-known stories from their family lore. “C-c-can I tell a story too?” asks Ostroo the ostrich. Others make fun of him because he stammers – but where there is a story, there’s always a way! From a seasoned storyteller comes this sensitive story with many stories within it, which inspires us to overcome our fears. Soft pastels and colour pencils create warm pictures of a world in which encouragement comes unexpectedly from friends.
Publisher: Tulika Books
Age group: 4+
: Picture book (Multilingual)
About the author:Janaki Sabesh has always loved stories — telling them, performing them and living them. With over 22 years of experience as a media professional, she turned storyteller with Golpo – Tales Unlimited, which she founded in 2014, to spread her love for stories. She is also an actress, model and a theatre artiste.
About the illustrator:Debosmita Mazumdar enjoys watching and creating animated films. She is a student of Communication Design at D.J. Academy of Design, Coimbatore. She illustrated this book during her internship with Tulika.
Price: Rs 195 (English); Rs 150 (all other languages)

For Younger Readers

Naughty Bear Cover

A Very Naughty Bear

Author: Paro Anand
Illustrator: Suvidha Mistry
About the book: Have you met the world’s naughtiest bear? Travel to his high mountain home in Bhutan and join him in his naughty and funny adventures.
Publisher: Scholastic
Age group: 8+
: Picture book (English)
About the author:Paro Anand was honoured with the Sahitya Akademi award for Children’s Literature. She has been described as a fearless writer. She will try anything. At least once. She has pushed the boundaries of young adult and teen literature in India. She is a world record holder for the World’s Longest Newspaper and has been awarded for her contribution to children’s literature. She loves Delhi’s traffic jams and does most of her writing ‘surfing the jam’. When not writing, she works with young people throughout the country and world through her programme, Literature in Action.
About the illustrator: Suvidha Mistry is a freelance illustrator with a passion for all forms of art. She loves to tell stories with her illustrations, sketches and photographs. She has worked with multimedia firms as a graphic head and is now living her dream of being an illustrator of children’s books.
Price: Rs 199

How the Pig Became Dirty And Other Animal Stories

Author: Rahul Kansal
Illustrator: Vijay Manure
About the book: How did the pig become dirty? How did the saras get its long neck? And the langoor his black face? Biologists may have their own theories, but the real story – believe it or not – lies within these colourful tales! This is a set of three hilarious ‘origin’ stories that know just how the animals we know and love today, got their distinctive features.

Set in the village of Pashupur, with a wide cast of animal characters, these fun stories have them all – rascally monkeys, ravenous cranes, rule-abiding pigs, and rakish parrots. Sparkling with humour and imagination, the stories promise to entertain children with their creativity and conversational tone, and even spur them to create their own origin theories.
Publisher: Eicher Goodearth Pvt Ltd
Age group: 7+
: Chapter book (English)
About the author: Rahul Kansal is an unlikely person to be writing these cock-and-bull animal tales for children. He spent a chunk of his life working with The Times of India as its Marketing Head and is presently Group Brand Advisor at Network18. It was his two daughters (now in their twenties) who urged him to pen these goofy tales he once concocted for them at bedtime.
About the illustrator: Vijay Manure is an illustrator and art director based in Mumbai. A gold medalist from Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft, Mumbai, he loves to sketch animals and paint them in water colour. His illustrations tend to have a charming, comical touch to them.
Price: Rs 450


Dealing with Feelings
Author: Sonia Mehta
About the books:
Being Happy Is Fun
Find out how Flutter the butterfly cheers everyone up!
Flutter is a happy little butterfly who makes everyone laugh. One day, she sees that everyone in Foggy Forest is upset. She devises a plan to make them all happy again. Does it work?

It’s Not Nice to Be Jealous
Find out how Gigi the giraffe overcomes envy!
Gigi the giraffe is jealous of everyone. She never realizes how much she has. One day, she discovers that she has something no one else does. What is it?

It’s Okay to Be Confused
Find out how Coco the chameleon makes up his mind
Coco the chameleon is always confused about what colour he should be. In fact, he’s confused about everything. One day, he’s in two minds about going to a fun party. What does he decide?

Being Sad Isn’t Any Fun
Find out how Zeezee the zebra stops feeling blue Zeezee the zebra is always moping around. One day, all the animals in Foggy Forest decide to show her how being ad is a downer for everyone. What do they do?

Being Bored Isn’t Fun
Find out how Bobo the bear stops feeling listless
Bobo the bear is always bored. Even when his friends try to entertain him, all he says is ‘How boring!’. One day,when everyone leaves him alone he realizes how many things there really are to do. What does he learn?

Being Silly Is Silly
Find out how Snoffle the squirrel stops acting foolishly.
Snoffle the squirrel is very, very, very silly. She can’t take anything seriously. One day, an incident in Foggy Forest makes her feel very serious indeed. What happens?

Age group: 8+
Category: Self-help (English)
Publisher: Puffin India
About the author: Sonia Mehta is a children’s writer who believes that firing up a child’s imagination means opening up a world of adventure. She has been writing for children for over two decades.
Price: Rs 150

front Cover - small
Mystery of the Missing Crown: A Goa Story

Author: Sharon Fernandes
Illustrator: Gynelle Alves
About the book: Haunting music floats out of the long-deserted Villa Falcao. Who could it be? Josephine and her menagerie of a dog, a mynah and a one-eyed cat, go off to investigate and find themselves hot on the trail of a long-forgotten mystery that takes them down to the musty bowels of the village church. They unearth old secrets, but will they ever find the missing relic of the village of Rachol?
An exciting story set in the heart of Goa, it transports the reader to the swaying palms and golden sands of its beaches, to the rich red balconies of its homes, and down the pews of its famous churches. With generous helpings of delicious Goan food and shot through with lilting Goan music, this beautifully illustrated book, full of finely-wrought drawings, brings the radiant beauty and distinctive culture of Goa home to the reader.
Publisher: Eicher Goodearth Pvt Ltd
Age group: 8+
: Chapter book (English)
About the author: Sharon Fernandes is a journalist, who has worked with leading national dailies. She is a Goan who grew up in Mumbai and now lives in New Delhi. She loves listening to stories and believes old houses, trees and even some clouds have fascinating tales to share. This is her first children’s book.
About the illustrator: Gynelle Alves lives in Bandra, Mumbai, in her great-grandmother’s 100-year-old house with a backyard full of stray animals that have adopted her. Here, she works as an illustrator, designer and cook. She thinks finding courage like Josephine to sing out loud is the greatest treasure you can ever find.
Price: Rs 450

For Middle-grade Readers

Great Indian Speeches for Children1
Great Indian Speeches for Children
Introduction: Derek O’Brien
About the book:A fantastic collection of some of the most inspiring speeches from India, spanning over a century. In this book, brilliantly introduced by Derek O’Brien, legendary Indians speak on diverse topics that will motivate young readers: freedom and equal rights, science and sports, friendship and education, the environment and social responsibility, ambition and courage, the love of books and the burden of schoolbags. Even in this age of speed and bite-sized attention spans, these timeless words reach out across years and touch us, provoke us, make us think, and become a call to action.
Publisher: Talking Cub
Age group: 10+
: Speeches (English)
The contributors include:A.P.J. Abdul Kalam | Amartya Sen | Atal Bihari Vajpayee | Azim Premji | B.R. Ambedkar | Balgangadhar Tilak | J.C. Bose | Jaipal Singh Munda | Jawaharlal Nehru | M.K. Gandhi |Medha Patkar | Mother Teresa | Paro Anand | R.K. Narayan | Rabindranath Tagore | Raghuram Rajan |Rahul Dravid | Rajendra Prasad | Ruskin Bond | S. Radhakrishnan | Sarojini Naidu | Shashi Tharoor |Subhash Chandra Bose | Subroto Bagchi | Swami Vivekananda
Price: Rs 299

Ninja Nani & the Mad Mummy Mix-up
Ninja Nani and the Mad Mummy Mix-up

Author and illustrator: Lavanya Karthik
About the book: MUMMY’S COMIN’! RUN!
There’s a mummy at the Gadbadnagar Museum! A real live–er, dead–mummy, and it’s awake! And eating people!
Wait, it gets worse. Who’s chasing Ninja Nani all over town, trying to uncover her secret identity? And who’s battling three-headed snakes?
When Deepu and his friends find themselves trapped in the museum with the haunted mummy, there is only one person who can save them–but will Ninja Nani reach them in time? Or is she too busy … CLICK CLICK CLICK
Publisher: Duckbill
Age group: 9+
: Storybook with comics (English)
About the author: Lavanya Karthik is a Mighty and Most Excellent Warrior of the Light, leading an army of ninja against the Loathsome Hordes–but only in her dreams. In real life, she lives in Mumbai where she writes, draws, eats way too much chocolate and takes a lot of naps.  She does lead an army, though–of imaginary pugs.
Price: Rs 225

Can't stop cody - front coverCan’t Stop Cody!
Author: Abhay Prasad and Nanditta Chibber
About the book:“Every time Vismay came home, he expected to find some kind of disaster. He had seen on YouTube how other people recorded their dogs doing nothing but sleep for hours. That wasn’t Cody.”
It all begins when Vismay falls in love with a twice abandoned puppy in a San Francisco animal shelter. He brings him home, except he has no clue about how to raise this adorable, crazy pit bull-pointer he calls Cody. As his life is taken over by a hyperactive ball of energy, there is also lurking danger when Cody’s curiosity leads him to buried treasure! Get ready for an action-packed ride of adventures and misadventures, as Vismay and Cody make a home and the headlines in this story inspired by true events.
Publisher: Tulika Books
Age group: 10+
: Fiction (English)
About the author:  Abhay Prasad is an IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus and a lover of dogs and cities with souls. So he considers himself lucky to have been adopted by his beloved dog Cody and the city of San Francisco. Both are constant sources of excitement and inspiration.
Nanditta Chibber is a communications professional. Born in Bhopal and based in Delhi, she is charmed by the history of cities and enjoys penning stories about them, about life, and of course, dogs, having grown up with four of them — Jack, Jill, Zorro, and Zorro again.
Price: Rs 195

The Upside Down King

Author: Sudha Murthy
About the book: Did you know there was a time when bears spoke, the moon laughed and babies were found inside fish?
Have you heard of the two-horned sage who had never seen a woman in his life?
Did you know Ravana’s half-brother was the god of wealth?
Have you ever seen a man with a thousand arms?
The tales in this collection surround the two most popular avatars of Lord Vishnu-Rama and Krishna-and their lineage. Countless stories about the two abound, yet most are simply disappearing from the hearts and minds of the present generation.
Bestselling author Sudha Murty takes you on an arresting tour, all the while telling you of the days when demons and gods walked alongside humans, animals could talk and gods granted the most glorious boons to common people.
Publisher: Puffin
Age group: 10+
: Fiction (English)
About the author: Sudha Murty was born in 1950 in Shiggaon, north Karnataka. She did her MTech in computer science, and is now the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, she has written novels, technical books, travelogues, collections of short stories and nonfiction pieces, and six bestselling books  for children.
Price: Rs 250

For Young Adult Readers


Author: Trina Chako
About the book: Tiana Singhal’s life has been floating along fine, especially with the plum internship in a well known architectural firm. And then, without warning, it catapults into chaos. She is haunted by screams in her nightmares. She is confronted by a stranger who sets off alarm bells. She finds herself fleeing from she doesn’t know what. There are questions to her hazy past for which she must find answers. But will they be at the cost of her life? Is she losing her mind? Who IS she? A knife-edge thriller that keeps you breathless and guessing till the very end.
Publisher: Tulika Books
Age group: 14+
: Fiction (English)
About the author: Trina Chako spent most of her life in army cantonments across India. Completing her Masters in English Literature, she taught for a while before taking up writing. Over the years she has authored many books. She lives in Delhi NCR with her husband and son.
Price: Rs 265

Publishers who are contributing to this listing:
Amar Chitra Katha
Bee Books
Bloomsbury India
Duckbill Books
Goodearth Pvt Ltd
Hachette India
Karadi Tales
Ms Moochie Books
Pickle Yolk Books
Pratham Books
Puffin India
Scholastic India
Talking Cub
Tara Books
Tota Books
Young Zubaan

We hope to expand this list, so please do ask other publishers to send us details of their forthcoming books.






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