New Indian Kids’ and YA Books in August 2018

A list of what is is new in children’s books from Indian publishers in August 2018.
The information in this list is what is provided to us by the publishers. Details may be updated.

Picture books

Woka ChimniThe Adventures of Woka Chimni
 Preeti Vyas
Illustrator: Happy Fish
About the book: Travel with the feisty Woka Chimni, an adorable house sparrow with a willingness to help others and a curiosity for nature, as she visits places of breath-taking natural beauty. This first book contains two stories: ‘Woka in the Sunderbans’ and ‘Woka Goes to Pangong Lake’.
Age group:
Puffin and FunOkPlease
Category: Picture book (English)
About the author: Preeti Vyas runs an independent publishing house called Fun OK Please and is based out of Mumbai.
Price: Rs. 150

Pigeon poop
Pigeon Poop
Seema Chari
Illustrator: Aparajita Vasudev
About the book:
 Percy and Parvati are pigeons with a plan. One fine winter morning, the two decide to have some fun on a green window sill. But Aunty S is around with her brush, waiting to shoo them off. Will their plan succeed?
Age group: 5+
Category: Picture book (English)
Publisher: Scholastic
About the author: Seema Chari speaks seven languages, and is a quizmaster and author of a dozen knowledge, quizzing, puzzle and activity books. She loves the magic of words, and their power to awaken the senses. She delights in the ludicrous, revels in adventure, and has missed dates because she was laughing at jokes, smelling the roses, or slipping on pigeon poop.
About the illustrator: Aparajitha Vaasudev is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Born and raised in Bangalore, she studied contemporary fine arts in Singapore and enjoyed a brief foray into the art industry, while living and working there.
Price: Rs 199

Books for younger readers

Petu Pumpkin Cheater Peter
Petu Pumpkin: Cheater Peter
Arundhati Venkatesh
Illustrator: Shilpa Ranade
About the book: When Petu starts cheating, his friends are sure he is headed for a life of crime. They try everything to stop him–hypnosis, a home-baked truth serum, a D-I-Y polygraph … Will they succeed?
This is the third Petu Pumpkin book in the hOle books series.
Age group: 6+
Category: Fiction (English)
Publisher: Duckbill Books
About the author: Arundhati Venkatesh went to school in five towns, and worked in four continents. Everywhere, she made up stories. Now she puts them down on paper. When she is not cooking up stories or dreaming of food, she haunts bookstores and libraries in Bangalore.
About the illustrator: Shilpa Ranade is an animator and illustrator. She teaches at IDC, IIT Bombay. Apart from making several short animated films, she has made an animated feature film for the Children’s Film Society of India, Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya. She enjoys making images and has illustrated numerous books for children.
Price: Rs 175

When Jia Met Urmila
When Jiya Met Urmila
Shabnam Minwalla
Illustrator: Tanvi Bhat
About the book: When Jiya meets Urmila, she sees a loud girl with a fierce expression and too-bright clothes. Urmila sees a snooty girl with a dull dress and no spunk. Can they ever be friends?
This is the third book by Shabnam and Tanvi in the hOle books series.
Age group: 6+
Category: Fiction (English)
Publisher: Duckbill Books
About the author:Shabnam Minwalla has three children. In the little off-time that this brain-scrambling job permits, she writes articles and book reviews for magazines and newspapers like the Times of India, Business Line, Outlook and Outlook Traveller. She has also written several books for children.
About the illustrator: Tanvi Bhat is a freelance illustrator who lives in Mumbai and loves the rains. She’s a self-taught artist who loves to draw for children’s books. She works with water colours and gouache and gets her inspiration from things she sees when out exploring the streets of colourful India.
Price: Rs 175

Books for middle-grade readers

Jwala Kumar_Cover SpreadFinal
Jwala Kumar and the Gift of Fire: 
Adventures in Champakbagh
Author: Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar
Ilustrator: Krishna Bala Shenoi
About the book: Is Jwala Kumar a bird? A bat? A chameleon? Or is he something no one has ever seen before? And did he really just fall out of the sky into Champakbagh?
Mohan Chandar lives with his wife and three children in the tiny and remote village of Champakbagh. One day, he rescues a strange creature from the storm that is raging outside. When he brings the creature home, the family is astonished. What sort of animal is this? Is he friendly? What does he eat? Where will he sleep? They name him Jwala Kumar, and as the days go by, they discover that Jwala Kumar is no ordinary animal. He has special powers that he uses to help his human family in their times of need. When the days are dark and hope seems to dim, Jwala Kumar lights up their lives in many ways. But who is Jwala Kumar and will he stay forever?
Age group: 9+
Category: Fiction (English)
Publisher: Talking Cub
About the author: Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar is the author of a novel, The Mysterious Ailment of Rupi Baskey, which won the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar, and a collection of short stories, The Adivasi Will Not Dance, which was shortlisted for The Hindu Prize. He lives in Jharkhand and this is his first book for children.
About the illustrator: Krishna Bala Shenoi spends his days making things (mostly illustrations), procrastinating and exploring films. His artwork, spanning a variety of styles, has appeared in children’s books produced by many publishing houses.
Price: Rs 299

The Little Rainmaker
Roopal Kewalya
About the book: It’s the year 2027 and it’s been ten years since it last rained . . . anywhere in the world.
Ten-year-old Anoushqa has never seen rain and doesn’t believe in the stories that her grampa tells of rainbows, thunder and lightning. Until, one day, her life is turned upside down when her beloved grampa is on his deathbed and his last wish is to see rain! Thus Anoushqa sets out on a journey to make it rain. Will Anoushqa be able to fulfill Grampa’s dream after all? The Little Rainmaker is a story of hope, power and the fierce determination of a little girl in the face of an acute environmental crisis.
Age group: 9+
Category: Fiction (English)
Publisher: Puffin
About the author: Roopal Kewalya is a screenwriter by profession, who shuttles between Mumbai and Delhi. A film direction alumnus from NID Ahmedabad, she also does storytelling performances for children. As a social-change maker she conducts fun workshops for children, adults, corporates and NGOs in gender sensitization, breaking stereotypes and creative thinking.
Price: Rs 250
Adventures of Bozo and Chick: Terror at Bedlam House
Ranjit Lal
About the book: Bozo and Chick have lived all their lives at Bedlam House, situated a little of outside Mumbai on the Arabian Sea. The house stands on a cliff with a view of the sea, and the two teenagers know the beach and the surrounding areas like the back of their hands. So, when some suspicious-looking people turn up there in boats with mysterious packages, Bozo and Chick are the first to spot them. Who are these people with their faces covered? What are they up to? Are they planning a deadly terrorist strike? And is it possible that their beloved landlords, Uncle Dubash and his wife, Mridula Aunty, are somehow involved?
An exciting, spine-tingling adventure thriller featuring two unforgettable teen characters, Bozo and Chick will have you hooked till the very end.
Age group: 10+
Category: Fiction (English)
Publisher: Red Turtle
About the author: Ranjit Lal has written over thirty books for both adults and children. Some of his books include The Crow Chronicles, The Life and Times of Altu-Faltu, Bossman and the Kala Shaitan, The Trees of Medley Gardens. He has been a winner of the Crossword Best Children’s Book Award for Faces in the Water and Our Nana was a Nutcase.

Painters potters
Painters Potters Cooks and Kings
Author: Subhadra Sengupta
Illustrator: Tapas Guha
About the book: Travel back in time and meet King Ashoka, Emperor Akbar, King Krishna Deva Raya, Princess Jahanara and other unforgettable people from Indian history. A dose of history, a dash of mystery and a dollop of adventure—find all of this in one brilliant collection.
Age group: 9+
Category: Fiction (English)
Publisher: Scholastic
About the author: Subhadra Sen Gupta has written over forty books for children because she thinks children are the best readers in the world. In 2014 she won the Bal Sahitya Puraskar for her children’s books. She loves telling stories woven around history, plotting mysteries and adventures, dreaming up ghostly tales and scripting comic books.
About the illustrator: A postgraduate in commerce, Tapas Guha is an illustrator, who loves doing illustrations for children’s books and comic strips.
Price Rs 250

Books for teens

Right Arm Over cover
Right Arm Over
Moti Nandy
Translator: Arunava Sinha
About the book: An unforgettable story of cricket and friendship from a master of sports fiction
Jibon and Ananto are best friends and promising cricketers—Jibon a stylish batsman, and Ananto a gifted fast bowler. But one day they have an accident and Jibon loses half his right arm. Considered the more talented of the two, his cricket career is over. Not one to give up, he makes it his mission to see that his friend plays for India. Meanwhile, the Indian cricket team is in turmoil as it heads into a Test match series against Australia. Jibon is determined that Ananto will find his opportunity and shine at the international level. But even if he gets his chance, will Ananto be able to deliver?
Filled with fascinating descriptions of playing cricket for the country, the workings of a cricket team, the politics of selection committees and the life of sportspeople, Right Arm Over is not just a novel about sports. It is also about the grit and determination needed to succeed, about friendship, and about sacrifices that are made out of love and commitment.
Age group: 12+
Category: Fiction/Translation (English)
Publisher: Talking Cub
About the author: Moti Nandy (1931–2010) was one of the few writers in the world to have created an entire body of fiction centred on sports. A Sahitya Akademi award-winner and former Sports Editor at the Anandabazar Patrika, he wrote more than twenty-five novels in Bengali for adults, and as many for children and young adults. About the translator: Arunava Sinha translates classic, modern and contemporary Bengali fiction, non-fiction and poetry into English. Over forty of his translations have been published so far. Born and educated in Kolkata, he lives and writes in Delhi.
Price: Rs 250

Supriya Kelkar
About the book: It is 1942 and 10-year-old Anjali’s mother has joined India’s freedom struggle. Anjali gets unwillingly involved in the turmoil. She has to give up her biases against the Dalit community,or the so-called untouchables, and sacrifice her foreign-made clothes for khadi.
When her world turns upside down, will Anjali be able to overcome her internal struggles and summon the courage needed to complete her mother’s social reform work?
Inspired by her great-grandmother’s experience working with Gandhi, Supriya Kelkar brings to life the stories of the unsung heroes of India’s War of Independence.
Age group: 12+
Category: Fiction (English)
Publisher: Scholastic India
About the author: Born and raised in the American Midwest, Supriya Kelkar learned Hindi as a child by watching three Bollywood films a week. Now she works in the film industry as a Bollywood screenwriter. She has credits on one Hollywood film and several Hindi films. Ahimsa, inspired by her great-grandmother’s role in the Indian freedom movement, is her debut middle grade novel.
Price: Rs 395

The Sage’s Secret
About the book: In the year 2025, twenty-year-old Anirudh starts dreaming of Krishna. But these visions that keep flashing through his mind are far from an ordinary fantasy-they are vivid episodes from the god’s life. Through these scenes, as Krishna’s mystifying schemes are revealed, Anirudh slowly comes to terms with his real identity . . . He is the last avatar of Vishnu, sent to restore the balance between good and evil. But an ancient and powerful nemesis, burning with the fire of revenge, has already started assembling a clan of mighty sorcerers to finally be rid of the protector god and unleash depravity on earth. Will Anirudh realize his potential before it’s too late? Or will the enemy destroy everything in their wake before the avatar finally manifests?
This gripping read is the first part in the Kalki Chronicles, which unveils the greatest legend of the Kali yuga.
Age group: 13+
Category: Fiction (English)
Publisher: Penguin
About the author: Abhinav is a Mumbai-based software developer. This is first book. Price: Rs 299



Publishers who are contributing to this listing:
Amar Chitra Katha
Bee Books
Bloomsbury India
Duckbill Books
Goodearth Pvt Ltd
Hachette India
Karadi Tales
Ms Moochie Books
Pickle Yolk Books
Pratham Books
Puffin India
Scholastic India
Talking Cub
Tara Books
Tota Books
Young Zubaan

We hope to expand this list, so please do ask other publishers to send us details of their forthcoming books.



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