New Indian Kids’ and YA Books in March 2018

A list of what is is new in children’s books from Indian publishers in March 2018.
The information in this list is what is provided to us by the publishers. Details may be updated.

Picture Books

Tiger's Tale
A Tiger’s Tale
(As I Tuck You Into Bed series)
Author: Priyanka Handa Ram
Sapna Kewalramani
About the book: A grand tigress peeks through a monastery, taking Little Monk by great surprise. Listening to her devastating story about how she has lost her home, Little Monk rises to the challenge of preventing deforestation and a loss of habitat for tigers, saving them from extinction. This adventure explores virtues of bravery, hope and faith in the magical setting of Bhutan.
Age group: 4+
Publisher: Tota Books
Category: Picture book (English)
About the author: Priyanka Handa Ram is an educator and author. Based in Botswana, she is the founder of Raising Education Within Africa, and uses her stories to raise awareness about conservation. Her first bookAn Elephant’s Tale, is about the plight of rhinos and elephants.  
About the illustrator: 
Sapna Kewalramani is a self-taught illustrator and mum. This is her first children’s book illustration and she has loved the process especially since she has visited and experienced the magic of Bhutan!
Price: Rs 195

Shhh...Simmi is listening English_LR
Shhh…Simmi is Listening
 Aparna Kapur
Illustrator: Swati Agarwal
About the book: Simmi knows her sister Lolo very well. She can tell what Lolo is up to even with her eyes closed. Here’s a simple book that introduces the concept of sound to young readers.
Age group: 5+

Publisher: Pratham Books
Category: Picture book (English)
About the author: Most of Aparna’s friends are imaginary, and she is happiest when she is creating worlds and stories. She has been an assistant editor at the children’s science magazine Brainwave and has written comic books for Amar Chitra Katha. She has authored Ghum-Ghum Gharial’s Glorious Adventure and co-authored Ruckus on the Road.
About the illustrator: Swati is an animation filmmaker and designer. Her two claymation films Gajar Ka Halwa and Lakshmi Aayi Hai have fetched her national and international awards. She worked with Oscar-winning animator Adam Wrywas on the short claymation film Tokri.
Price: Rs 35

i need to pee
I Need to Pee

Author: Neha Singh
Illustrators: Meenal Singh and Erik Egerup
About the book: Rahi simply loves slurping refreshing drinks, and so she always needs to pee. But boy, does she hate public loos! On her way to her aunt’s in Meghalaya, she has to pee on a train as well as stop at a hotel and even the really scary public toilet at the bus depot! And when those around her refuse to help her with her troubles, her only saviour is her Book of Important Quotes.
Travel with Rahi and read all about her yucky, icky, sticky adventures in this quirky and vibrant book about the ever-relevant worry of finding safe and clean public restrooms.
Age group: 7+
Publisher: Puffin India
Category: Picture book (English) 
About the author: Neha Singh is a Mumbai-based author and theatre practitioner. She loves telling stories about unlikely heroes and breaking stereotypes of gender, caste, class and religion through her books and plays. She has written for many established publishing houses. This is her fifth book for children.
About the illustrator: Meenal Singh and Erik Egerup (illustrators) are currently based in Bengaluru and have a studio called Runaway Mill. With backgrounds in architecture, industrial design and game development, they deliver a wide and diverse range of creative design projects. These include illustration, conceptual art, fine art and public sculpture.
Price: Rs 199

Books for younger readers


A Brush with Indian Art
Mamta Nainy
Illustrator: Aniruddha Mukherjee
About the book: Embark on a vivid journey through history as you learn about the origins and evolution of art in the country. Prepare to be amazed by the first paintings made by early humans; marvel at the splendour of Mughal miniature art; reflect upon the serenity of Buddhist cave paintings at Ajanta; delight in the religious depictions of Tanjore; and study the hybrid Company style and the best of contemporary artists. Watch it all come alive in the intricate black-and-white sketches and stunning photographs of the most celebrated paintings across time. A rich primer on the different schools of art and the most significant movements in Indian art history, A Brush with Indian Art might even nudge you into propping up your own blank canvas.
Age group: 9+
Publisher: Puffin
Category: Non-fiction (English)
About the author: Mamta Nainy is a children’s writer and editor. She has written some eight books for children. Currently she works as consulting senior editor with Katha.
Price: Rs 299

Panipuri Inside a Spaceship English

Panipuri Inside a Spaceship
Author: Vidya Pradhan
Illustrator:  Arpita Bhattacharjee
About the book: Chikki is fussy about food. She dislikes mooli paratha because she thinks it smells. She wants to explore space. But she wonders if she will get pizza, panipuri and ice cream in a spaceship.
Join Chikki and Ninu for lunch as they discuss what astronauts eat while on a mission and why.
Age group: 8+
Publisher: Pratham Books
Category: Fiction (English)  
About the author: Vidya Pradhan is a freelance writer based in Fremont, California. Her stories, ‘The Milkman’s Cow’ and ‘The Backwards Genie’, have won awards from the Children’s Book Trust.
About the illustrator: Arpita Bhattacharjee studied visual communication at the National Institute of Design. Her work spans different domains including art direction for films, spatial experience design and illustration.
Price: Rs 45 

Password Please English

Password, Please?

Author: Vahishta Mistry
Illustrator: Radhika Tipnis
About the book: Manju wants to play games on her cousin’s phone. The book that introduces readers to the concept of passwords as a key to guard information.
Age group: 7+
Publisher: Pratham Books
Category: Fiction (English)  
About the author:
Vahishta Mistry has worked as a journalist, developed websites for magazines, travelled around the world on a shoestring budget, worked with drones, and shot time-lapses of stars.
About the illustrator: Radhika Tipnis has a master’s degree in visual communication and has worked on eLearning courses, multimedia CDs and iPad applications in Mumbai and Singapore. She is based in Hong Kong and works as a freelance visual designer.
Price: Rs 45 

discover indiaDiscover India series
Sonia Mehta
About the book: The Discover India series will take you on a grand tour of every single one of our country’s states. Join the adorable Pushka and Mishki and the wise and witty Daadu Dolma as they traverse the length and breadth of India. Meet nawabs in Andhra Pradesh, roam the highways of Haryana, learn the history of Odisha, study the culture of Bihar, explore the snow-laden valleys of Uttarakhand and pick up a new dance in Sikkim. Each title is meticulously designed to create a tapestry of the cultural and historical riches of the individual states. Packed with puzzles, crosswords and dozens of other activities, these six books will entertain and enlighten young minds.
Age group: 8+
Publisher: Puffin India
Category: Non-fiction (English)  
About the author: 
Sonia Mehta is a children’s writer who believes that firing up a child’s imagination means opening up a world of adventure. Most days, Sonia can be found pounding away at her computer—when she is not playing with her dachshunds, the two little loves of her life.
Price: Rs 199

Sailing ships and sinking spoons English.jpg

Sailing Ships and Sinking Spoons
: Jamyang Gyaltsen
Illustrator: Ngawang Dorjee
About the book: Tenzin and Tashi, two young Tibetan monks, and Genla, the beloved storyteller of the monastery, wonder why a small steel spoon sinks in water but a huge ship floats. Their science teacher, Miss Sonam helps them experiment with paper boats, an apple, a spoon and a tub-full of water to learn more about objects that float.
Age group: 7+
Publisher: Pratham Books
Category: Fiction (English)
About the author: Jamyang Gyaltsen is a Tibetan educator based in Dharamshala. Passionate about science and early childhood education, he holds training sessions for parents and educators in the Tibetan exile community. As co-founder of Manjushiri Educational Services, he has published five children’s books in Tibetan.
About the illustrator: Ngawang Dorjee teaches drawing in a Tibetan school in Dharamshala. He was one of the illustrators who helped Department of Education in publishing its first-ever Graded Reading Series in Tibetan.
Price: Rs 45

The Drawing Game English_LR.png
The Drawing Game
: Anitha Murthy
Illustration: Ajanta Guhathakurta
About the book: Jeenu and Ajji are drawing circles, triangles and squares. Then they turn them into all sorts of things. This simple story introduces the concept of shapes to children and encourages them to use their imagination.
Age group: 6+
Publisher: Pratham Books
Category: Fiction (English)
About the author: Anitha Murthy is a software consultant by profession and writes whenever inspiration strikes. Her short stories and articles have appeared in both and online publications, and have even managed to win a few prizes.
About the illustrator: Ajanta Guhathakurta has studied fine arts at the College of Arts, Delhi, and has illustrated and designed books for various publishers. A recipient of the Certificate of Honour at the International Board on Books for Young People in 2002, she also paints and conducts creative workshops for children.
Price: Rs 40

Who Made the Tomato Chutney 301117-1.jpg
Who Made the Tomato Chutney?
: Kavitha Mandana
Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan
About the book: Tara and Ravi go to the market to buy fruits and vegetables. But each time one fruit gets squashed. The concept of sorting is introduced through heavy and light objects. The illustrations in this book are made using bits of paper, old magazines and paper bags that were collected – not squished – under mattresses.
Age group: 6+
Publisher: Pratham Books
Category: Fiction (English)
About the author: Kavitha Mandana has written several books for children including Tenali Raman; Akbar, the Mighty Emperor; Trapped and No. 9 on the Shade Card and A Pair of Twins.
About the illustrator: Priya Kuriyan is a children’s books writer, illustrator, comics maker and animator. A graduate of NID, she has directed educational films for the Sesame Street show (India) and the Children’s Film Society of India. She dabbles with various styles and fills her sketchbooks with strange caricatures of people from places she travels to.
Price: Rs 40

Telephones _ Bell to Cell English
Telephones – Bell to Cell
Author: Veena Prasad
Illustrator: Nishith Mehta
About the book: When Alexander Graham Bell first invented the phone, there were only two in the entire town! Now, nearly everyone has a cell phone. Flip through this book and find out how the telephone evolved – from Bell to cell.
Age group: 9+
Publisher: Pratham Books
Category: Non-fiction (English)
About the author: Veena Prasad writes stories for children and adults, creates crosswords, makes compost and completely fails to classify herself. Her books for children includes How did the toothpaste get into the tube?
About the illustrator: Nishith Mehta has worked as a painter, illustrator, teacher, designer and writer, gathering experiences. He loves how stories communicate complex ideas and emotions through situations and characters. He enjoys exploring complementary relationships between images and words.
Price: Rs 45


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