New Indian Kids’ and YA Books in February 2018

We have long wanted to have a list of all the new Indian books published every month. So we decided, with some help from friendly publishers, to put together this list. This is second month we are publishing this, and there will be many more publishers we would want to include next time, especially in different languages. Please do ask any publishers you know to get in touch with us; the list of publishers we are in touch with is given at the bottom of this post.

The information in this list is what is provided to us by the publishers. Details may be updated.

Picture Books

Cover_Red Hill

Red hill / लाल पहाड़
वासवी ओज़ा
About the book: यह कहानी है एक कछुए और लाल पहाड़ की। क्‍या कछुआ लाल पहाड़ का रहस्‍य जान पाएगा?
Age group: 3+
Publisher: Eklavya
Category: Wordless accordion book
About the author: Vasvi Oza is an artist and researcher, currently teaching at the Department of Painting, Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore. She has completed her PhD thesis on early 20th century print material for children in Colonial Gujarat. She is interested in bringing together her research work and creative practice in a discursive space. 
Price: Rs 25

Miss Bandicota Bengalensis Discovers the Old Caves English
Miss Bandicota Bengalensis Discovers the Old Caves
Aditi Ghosh
Illustrator: Sunaina Coelho
About the book: Miss Bandicota Bengalensis was no ordinary Indian mole rat. She was quite the adventurer. Every evening, she set out with her explorer’s kit – sunglasses, binoculars, magnifying glass and a strip of sticker bandages. “An explorer is always prepared,” she said. Through the night, she dug in a new direction, to a new sea, up a new hill… Now, join Miss Bandicota and her new friend in exploring one of the oldest hills and caves of India
Age group: 8 to 12 years
Publisher: Pratham Books
Category: Picture book (English)
About the author: Aditi Ghosh is an engineer – she designs pipes and drains that run through big cities. When she is not doing that, she is usually being a mummy to her noisy little boy and girl. When she really has some time, she loves to sit on the side berth of a long-distance train and imagine stories of faraway places.
About the illustrator: Sunaina Coelho grew up in New Delhi and studied at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She lives in Kochi with her husband Fahad Faizal. They work on a variety of visual design projects, from creating animated shorts for television to illustrating books for children. In her free time, she gorges on seafood and embarks on adventures in the subtropical jungles of Lulu.
Price: To be confirmed


Cover_Fatehaal Aadmiफटेहाल आदमी
Jayasree Kalathil
Rakhi Peswani
About the book: चाकुप्रान्‍दन कौन है? वह कहाँ से आता है? गाँव के एक ‘विक्षिप्‍त व्‍यक्ति’ के बारे में एक छोटी लड़की अनु की जिज्ञासा एक अनूठी दोस्‍ती में बदल जाती है और उसकी अपनी दुनिया को जानने का एक ज़रिया बनती है।
Age group: 12+
Publisher: Eklavya
Category: Fiction
About the author: Jayasree has encountered mental health services in India and in the UK.She has published several articles, reports and book chapters, both in India and in the UK. Jayasree has been an active participant in the women’s movement in India. She finds that the involvement in mental health politics and the service user/survivor movement is an essential part of her recovery.
About the illustrator: Rakhi is inspired by the disorganized and sometimes painful metamorphosis that Indian cities undergo during the process of maturing into large metropolises. The disparities that have never been addressed and the constant push and pull experienced between the producer and the consumer markets are reflected in her layered installations, which explore the changing impetuses to create and consume art in these cities.
Price: To be confirmed

Dipa Karmakar EnglishDipa Karmakar: In Perfect Balance
Sreelata Menon
Illustrator: Sonal Gupta Vaswani
About the book: Dipa Karmakar was the first Indian female gymnast to compete in the Olympic Games. In 2016, she finished fourth at the event held in Rio. She grew up in Tripura and began learning gymnastics at the age of five. Read about her journey from Agartala to Rio.
Age group: 7 to 10 years
Publisher: Pratham Books
Category: Picture book (English)
About the author: Author Sreelata Menon enjoys introducing children to eminent personalities and fresh ideas. She believes that if children are able to relate to them it will inspire them to have aspirations of their own. Capturing a child’s imagination, with her words, is something Sreelata loves doing.
About the illustrator: Sonal Gupta Vaswani loves bright colors and visuals. A graduate from MIT ID Pune, she enjoys experimenting with different medium, textures and styles. She likes to think like a child and draw like one too. Collecting matchboxes, storytelling, eating, cooking, illustrating food, and traveling are few of her favourite things. Sonal lives in Mumbai.
Price: To be confirmed

Adil Ali English Cover.pmdAdil Ali’s Shoes
Fawzia Gilani-Williams
Illustrator: Niloufer Wadia
About the book: Everybody likes Adil Ali but nobody likes his shoes! They are old and worn, patched and sewn. So his friends decide to gift him a pair of shiny brown shoes for Eid. And then begins the problem — his old shoes won’t leave him! Rich in detail, Niloufer Wadia’s vivid water colour pictures make a bustling market come alive. Along with its sights and smells, they capture the drama and daily activities with humour, in a story that’s gentle and full of warmth.
Age group: 5+ years
Publisher: Tulika Books
Category: Picture book (English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali)
About the author: Fawzia Gilani-Williams has worked as an international educator and consultant for over 20 years in Britain, Canada, USA and the UAE. The author of many children’s books, she loves stories that empower children to make the world a better place. Her other books with Tulika are Ismat’s Eid and Munna and the Maharaja.
About the illustrator: Niloufer Wadia started as a visualiser and was in advertising for over 20 years. She then took a sudden decision to leave and see if she could make a career of her first love, illustrations and painting. She did, and very successfully! Her other books with Tulika are Kanna Panna, When Bholu Came Back and Not Yet!.
Price: Rs 200

Books for younger readers

rani lakshmibaiJunior Lives: Rani Lakshmibai
Sonia Mehta
About the book: Meet the heroes who changed the world!

The story of Lakshmibai is one of courage and innate female power. Find out how the tomboy Manikarnika grew up to be the famous ruler of Jhansi—a wise queen, a much-loved leader of her people and a brave soldier who fought fiercely for her kingdom and gave her life in battle.

Third in a series of illustrated books created for young readers to get to know our world heroes better, this engaging biography, peppered with little-known facts, takes the reader through the action-packed life of the queen of Jhansi, her trials and her triumphs.
Age group: 8+
Publisher: Puffin
Category: Nonfiction (English)
About the author: Sonia Mehta is a children’s writer who believes that firing up a child’s imagination means opening up a world of adventure. She has been writing for children for over two decades. Her body of work is wide-ranging—she has created one of India’s first dedicated children’s newspaper sections; conceptualized the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest for TV; and has written books, songs, poems and stories for leading publishers in India, several African nations, the USA and the UK. She lives in Mumbai and runs Quadrum Solutions, a content company she cofounded. She is also the co-founder of PodSquad, a retail children’s edutainment brand that firmly believes that children learn best when they are having fun. Most days, Sonia can be found pounding away at her computer—when she is not playing with her dachshunds, the two little loves of her life.
Price: Rs 150

Publishers who are contributing to this listing:
Amar Chitra Katha
Bee Books
Bloomsbury India
Duckbill Books
Goodearth Pvt Ltd
Hachette India
Karadi Tales
Ms Moochie Books
Pickle Yolk Books
Pratham Books
Puffin India
Scholastic India
Talking Cub
Tota Books
Young Zubaan

We hope to expand this list, so please do ask other publishers to send us details of their forthcoming books.


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