Summer Reads for Teens

There is no better way of spending a hot summer afternoon than reading a compelling book. Here are some suggestions!

Please read the first pages/chapter of a book on our website to check if you like the book before you decide whether to buy it.


It is a good time to be a teenager, because the variety of books about teenage life are many and some are fantastic, both Indian and international. So whatever kind of book you like to read, there are wonderful options.

If you like coming of age novels, you can read Jobless Clueless Reckless, which is hilarious and memorable. You can also read Rupa Gulab’s Daddy Come Lately and Hot Chocolate is Thicker than Blood. There are also serious ones–like Andaleeb Wajid’s When She Went Away, which is about a girl who has to deal with her mother’s disappearance or Nandhika Nambi’s Unbroken, which is about a girl who is in a wheelchair and just really angry at life. There is also Himanjali Sankar’s Talking of Muskaan, which deals with sexuality and class, and how these affect young students. There is also Rukhsana Khan’s Wanting Mor, which is about a young girl abandoned in Kabul during the Taliban years.

If fantasy and adventure are more your thing, you should try reading Ashok Banker’s wonderful Vortal, which is set in Mumbai of the past, present and future, as our timetravelling heroes combat foes across different decades. Kanika Dhillon’s best-selling Shiva and the Rise of the Shadows is set in an India after a nuclear holocaust, when a group of teenagers must (as usual!) save the world. If you are a Facebook addict, be warned–once you read Suzanne Sangi’s Facebook Phantom, you may feel nervous when you get new friend requests! And for those who like zombies and horror, there is Zombiestan, Alice in Deadland and its sequel Through the Killing Glass. You can also read Jash Sen’s mythological fantasy series The Wordkeepers and Skyserpents.

For fans of historical fiction, we recommend Devika Rangachari’s Queen of Ice. This usual and gripping novel about a tenth-century queen of Kashmir who has to battle odds to retain control over her kingdom is worth many a read.

If you like non-fiction–and even if you don’t–read Harsh Mandar’s Invisible People. A thought-provoking book about the India we do not see, this book is a must-read, for teens and adults alike. The stories will move you.

And for poetry lovers, there is Adil Jussawalla’s beautiful The Right Kind of Dog. The exquisite poems can make sure that for you this will be a most wonderful summer, indeed!

To read, visit your local bookstore or order online:
Coming of age novels
Jobless Clueless Reckless:
Wanting Mor:
Talking of Muskaan:
When She Went Away:

Historical novel:
Queen of Ice:

Fantasy and adventure:
FB Phantom:
Alice in Deadland:
Through the Killing Glass:
Vortal Shockwave:
Shiva and the Rise of the Shadows:

The Right Kind of Dog:

Invisible People:


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