Samina Mishra: Must-watch Indian Films for Kids

A couple of years ago, we had asked Samina Mishra to make a highly subjective list of her favourite Indian films for kids. Because, like books for kids, we seem to be encouraging a diet almost exclusively foreign! This is an updated version of the article, which also includes some of the suggestions we received from readers in response to the original article.

Samina Mishra likes to tell stories by writing and making films. Her work includes things like watching Indian children’s films from the 1960s to 1980s for research projects. She also teaches film studies.

So, my platypus friends have asked me to put together a list of children’s films that I have watched and loved, films that I would like to share with kids I know. While some films were easily retrieved from my memory, I did have to push away cobwebs for others. And because I really find it difficult to see things as only for kids–books, films, games– the films on my list may not have all been made especially for children but they are films that I think everyone should see and especially share with kids they love. I saw some of these films as a kid and many of them as an adult-hiding-a-kid. Some are bathed in a hazy memory of love and some I know I will love forever. Share yours?

Hemen Gupta | 1961

Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne
Stayajit Ray | 1969
Haathi Mere Saathi
M A Thirumugham | 1971
Angootha Chhaap
Sai Paranjape | 1988
Mujh Se Dosti Karoge
Gopi Desai | 1992
Vishal Bhardawaj | 2001
Umesh Kulkarni | 2005
I Am Kalam
Nila Madhab Panda | 2010
Chhutkan ki Mahabharat
Sankalp Meshram | 2006
Daayen Ya Baayen
Bela Negi | 2010
Batul Mukhtiar | 2013
Kaakkaa Muttai
M Manikandan | 2014
These are some films our readers have suggested. Thank you all for your suggestions.
Santosh Sivan | 1996
Aamir Khan | 2001
Taare Aameen Par
Aamir Khan | 2007
Blue Umbrella
Vishal Bhardwaj | 2005
Mr India
Shekhar Kapoor | 1987
Gulzar | 1972
Annu Kapoor | 1995
Jajantram Mamantram
Soumitra Ranade | 2003
Chota Chetan
Jijo | 1998
Nagesh Kukunoor | 2005

Nagesh Kukunoor | 2016

Stanley Ka Dabba!
Amole Gupte | 2011
Mani Ratnam | 1990
Rajan Khosla | 2012
Bhaago Bhoot
Sai Paranjype | 2000
Karamati Coat
Ajay Kartik | 1993
Vikramaditya Motwane | 2010
Goopy Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya
Shilpa Ranade | 2013
Chillar Party
Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl | 2011
Hawaa Hawaai
Amole Gupte | 2014
Detective Naani
Romilla Mukherjee | 2009

We would love it if our readers suggested other Indian films for kids which they have liked.



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