World Book Day 2017: Tanu Shree Singh

We asked our authors to write about a favourite book, which they think more people should read.

Tanu Shree Singh does many different things–teaches, run a library, runs online book groups, tells stories … Her book Keep Calm and Mommy On, for parents will be published in May 2017.

An author who opened a window for me in to absolutely spectacular worlds is Frances Hardinge. And the best book, only because that was the first one I read, was Fly by Night.

Hardinge creates a realm that that is run by various guilds of tradesmen and is loosely based on England of the eighteenth century. The plot centres around Mosca Mye, a runaway girl who loves words and finds an alley in a smooth-talking fraud named Eponymous Clent. In Mosca’s words, ‘Because I’d been hoarding words for years, buying them from peddlers and carving them secretly on to bits of bark so I wouldn’t forget them, and then he turned up using words like “epiphany” and “amaranth”. Because I heard him talking in the marketplace, laying out sentences like a merchant rolling out rich silks. Because he made words and ideas dance like flames and something that was damp and dying came alive in my mind, the way it hadn’t since they burned my father’s books. Because he walked into Chough with stories from exciting places tangled around him like maypole streamers … ‘

And then there is her murderous, pet goose, Saracen. After reading the book, my teenage sons and I:

  1. Wanted a pet goose.
  2. Tried renaming one our dogs
  3. And generally laughed a lot re-reading bits about him.



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