World Book Day 2017: Suzanne Sangi

We asked our authors to write about a favourite book, which they think more people should read.
Suzanne Sangi is the author of the teen horror novel Facebook Phantom.

I’ve been reading a lot of Toni Morrison lately and the one I completed most recently was The Bluest Eye, a story about three black children. Two sisters Claudia and Frieda struggle with their childlike wisdom to make sense of utterly nonsensical racist notions which run deep in their peers and even deeper among the adults with whom they interact. Their friend Pecola is gripped with a desire for blue eyes which she believes is the only thing in the world that will make her beautiful. 

The story left me thinking how as children we have the wonderful ability to empathise and see the truth of things (racism and other complex stuff which could sadly get normalised as we grow up). Toni Morrison is a great storyteller — simple and intriguing.


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