World Book Day 2017: Shabnam Minwalla

We asked our authors to write about a favourite book, which they think more people should read.
Shabnam Minwalla is the author of several books for children. She has written two hOle books: Lucky Girl and The Shy Supergirl.


My daughters and I picked up a copy of When You Reach Me at a school book fair a couple of years ago. We’d never heard of Rebecca Stead, but the cover was intriguing — and the book had won a bunch of awards. Also, to be honest, we get greedy at book fairs and just tend to stack them up.

My daughters read the book over the next couple of months and kept talking about it. So — though I had a stack of more age-appropriate stuff at hand — I tried it out. And was stunned by it’s intricate plot and engaging style. The book is about a group of school friends and the strange events unfolding around them in New York City. It is also a book about time travel.

To say more than that would be to give away too much. But for those who like a dash of sci-fi and many twists, this is a great book.


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