World Book Day 2017: Andaleeb Wajid

We asked our authors to write about a favourite book, which they think more people should read.
Andaleeb Wajid is the author of many books, among them, When She Went Away, a teen novel.
One of my favourite books has to be Five Children and It, by  E Nesbit. The It here, is unlike the horrid It I’m currently reading (It by Stephen King). It’s a sand fairy, also known as Psammead which the children discover, where else, but in a sand pit. This sand fairy can grant them wishes, but it’s only one wish per day and the children realise that the wishes last only till nightfall. The wishes itself are hilarious. At first they ask for money, and the grumpy Psammead gives them lots of gold, which they can’t use anywhere to buy whatever they need because it’s not valid currency. They ask to be made beautiful and the housekeeper sends them off, not recognising ‘them Eyetalian kids’. My favourite has to be when they ask for wings and they fly around and land on a church tower (I think) and are so tired and fall asleep. When they wake up, the sun has gone down and their wings are gone. It’s a book full of absurdities like this which made me laugh out loud several times.

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