Platypus Day Limericks: The Winning Entries

The three winners for the Platypus Day limerick contest are:

Nalini Sorensen for

There was a platypus named Don,
Whose mouth opened wide in a yawn,
“What a brilliant catch!”
“He won us the match!”
A new cricket legend was born.

Lavanya Karthik for

The secret of the platypus, that most intriguing an’mal,
Is not that she is duck one end, while at the other, mammal.
But that she beats at poker,
That rascally joker,
That dev’lish fiend! That sly card sharp — the two-humped Bactrian cammal.

Labanya Ghosh for

‘Look now, sir, I am one. Who-what-where is three?’
Growled the platypus to the bus driver of Andheri
‘You little cheat!
Get off that seat!
You think a beaver-otter-duck can ride for free?’

The other seven short-listed entries:

Buck, the duck thought she was her daughter
But Willy declared she’s got feet of an Otter
So the mother Platypus came
And changed the whole game
Before the naughty beaver got her


I’m duckbilled, so to speak,
Mole-looking, but unique,
I’m an egg-laying mammal,
Very different from a camel,
Splish-splashing around in my creek.

Nalini Sorensen


Poor little platypus stuck in the same grade
Of the Mammalian School of Adelaide.
At the time of this year’s test,
While he studied without a rest,
‘Just don’t lay an egg!’ is what everyone else prayed.


There was a platypus
He called himself Sir Nicholas
He was very stupid
He got struck by an arrow from Cupid
And landed up squished under a bus

Abhyuday (Vibha Chawla)


Once there was a platypus named Billy
In the night he always acted silly
He was usually the odd one out
So he had a permanent pout
And his favourite food was a red chilli.



Behold the platypus, that wonder of nature!
A warrior at heart, though small in stature.
How she duels and ducks!
How she swings those nunchucks!
O Platypus, courageous cr’ature!

Lavanya Karthik

The platypus, with webbed feet, is one awkward soul,
Being God’s practical joker is his natural role,
He stays underwater for much of the time
No matter what the weather or clime,
His paddle tail and duck bill make him rather droll.


And then there were the poems sent by our authors:

There was a vivacious little platypus in town,
Who spent hours writing in her flannel nightgown,
She gave bookworms a ball,
They had no time for malls,
And better still, their mummies & daddies didn’t frown.

Rupa Gulab

There is a platypus named Sayoni
With no patience for stuff that is phoney
Strikes authors with fear
As she guzzles beer
Calling many a script, ‘What baloney!’


The duckbill platypus is a mammal
Like the beagle and the xerophilic camel
But if one snuggles near your legs
And lays a bunch of warm round eggs
Try not to abuse in Tamil.

Jerry Pinto

There once was a girl from Mumbai
Who had a passion for orange platypii
She’d breed them by the dozen
For her herself and her cousin
And then coddle them with toast and chai

Shabnam Minwalla



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