Natasha Sharma: History Mystery Investigators, in conversation (or not)

Natasha Sharma is the author of many books, including the HistoryMystery series. Now that the third book in the series is out, her historical mystery solvers are taking over her mind.

As I catch my breath after a year of writing the HistoryMystery series at breakneck speed, my question to you is: ‘Have you read a HistoryMystery?’

If you haven’t got your kid one, well… boil your head, fry your brains and eat some blanched spinach to make amends. Then go on and get one, please.

In the meantime, since the characters often inhabit my dreams, here’s a peek into HistoryMystery mayhem from last night’s fitful sleep.

The cast that appeared in my dream:
Super Spy 3, from Akbar’s Super Six investigative team, with his head stuck in a duck’s body (you’ll read all about it on page 36). At this point, all Super Spy 3 says is ‘Quack Quack’, in the background, since he is undercover.
T1, leader of Ashoka’s Tremendous Ten (an all-women crack team of bodyguards).
Only One, Raja Raja Chola’s super sleuth with many knock-knock jokes in his arsenal.
Kaan Khan, one of Sultan Razia’s Fabulous Forty, with superb eavesdropping ability.

The four, in conversation:

Only One: ‘Knock Knock’.

T1: ‘Come in.’

(Quack Quack)

Only One: ‘Shouldn’t you check who’s there? Go on, ask, “Who’s there?”’

(Quack Quack)

T1: ‘I never ask who’s there. I just scare them with my screech – HAAAYAA HOOYAAA HIIIYAAA!’


Kaan Khan: ‘Stop! You can’t shout around my super sensitive ears. There isn’t anyone else here. Can you hear a bird?’

Only One: ‘There’s me! There’s me! Knock Knock!’

(Quack Quack)

Kaan Khan: ‘I’m certain I can hear a bird.’

T1: ‘Don’t be ridiculous. Birds don’t knock.’

Only One: ‘KNOCK KNOCK! For crying out loud, will someone say, “Who’s there?”’


T1: ‘Stop whining. Who’s there?’

Only One: ‘Water.’

Kaan Khan: ‘Water! I knew I’d heard a duck.’


T1: ‘Water who?’

Kaan Khan: ‘Not “water who?” Ask him “Water, where?” We’ll find the duck there. I can almost taste that bird for dinner.’

(Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack…)

PS: To know how that knock-knock joke ends, you must read Raja Raja and the Swapped Sacks. Ha!


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