Natasha Sharma: The March of the Mughals

Natasha Sharma, the author of the History-Mystery series, gives you a quick history of the Mughals in verse (so that you will never forget who was whose son ever again!).

Babur was here
The first of the lot
Conquering the north west
And starting the plot

Humayun, his son
Was soon overthrown
By Sher Shah Suri
Taking over the throne

The tussle continued
Humayun won the war
But he ruled, just a year
For there was trouble in store

He died when he slipped
On his library’s stair
And a young Akbar was crowned
His thirteen year old heir

Akbar ruled well
He was just and jolly fine
Yet, his son Jahangir
Couldn’t bear to wait in line

He tried to overthrow
None other than his dad
Who tut-tutted and chided
‘Wait your turn! Don’t be bad!’

At long last, it was Jahangir’s
Time to rule the roost
Shah Jahan followed after
Giving us an architectural boost

He built the Taj Mahal
And left quite a mark
But his son Aurangzeb
Had a bite worse than his bark

He imprisoned his father
Took over the throne
Attacked and expanded
Picked many a bone

He left the empire shaky
With each man picking a side
It turned into a monstrous mess
They were now getting fried

The end had begun
Their hold became weak
Each emperor that followed
Couldn’t change the losing streak

Another century went by
Till the British had their win
But it all began
With Babur marching in.



  1. Natasha’s a smasher
    At cracking good verse,
    And history, we find,
    Is fine if it’s rhymed.
    But I wish she’d announced
    How the word is pronounced!
    The verses flow –
    But is it MU-gal or MO?
    (As a Brit, I struggle
    To get beyond ‘muggle’)


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