Natasha Sharma: Real or fiction?

Natasha Sharma, author of Bonkers! finds that real life eerily imitates fiction!

While real life often inspires stories, it isn’t too often that a book inspires real life drama.
This morning, our dog Obi Singh enacted the opening scene from Bonkers! Unlike Bonkers, he isn’t a newly acquired puppy. Rather Obi is an over charged one year old, so there isn’t any justification for his actions.
While his mother (also my mother) was out on her early morning walk around the house, Obi charged into her to wish her a good morning. The greeting often includes grabbing her track pant and tugging at it. Since attempting to walk with a dog attached to your ankle can be rather tough, she bent down to extricate her pant from his slobbery mouth.
Did I forget to mention that her glasses were dangling on her shirt? Obi shot up and BAM! rammed into her. Her spectacles went flying. She fumbled for them. And as she crawled around on all fours, squinting into space, she saw Obi’s blurry furry behind running off, her spectacles still in his mouth. Two rounds of the garden, father grunting, mother screaming, watchman yelling, cook calling, and Obi’s furry behind was firmly behind the gigantic garden bench.
Gnawing, slurping sounds drifted to her through the space behind the bench.
She cringed with every crunch. She clapped her hands, blew kisses his way, threatened him with a mutton free month, but nothing worked.
Here then are the remains of the spectacles.


Not just bent out of shape with little bite marks. He took it a step further and deposited into her lap two lone chewed up sticks with the lenses well and truly broken up.
We now suspect that Obi knows how to read. It would explain the pugmarks in their copy of Bonkers! Rumour has it that having enacted the first chapter, Obi plans to steadily make his way through the rest of the book. My mother in the meantime is threatening me with dire consequences for having tempted faith by putting these ideas into a book.


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