Why We Love Bonkers

What a mad, fun romp of a book it is. And yet, it deals with bullying, with responsibility (parents who’ve been left holding the puppy after many ‘but we’ll look after it’s will stand up and applaud) and with the joy of having a pet who growls at your enemies. Natasha is that rare and wonderful writer who can match her sensibility to that of the child she is writing for. So her humour is spot on, her situations are both, funny and believable, and her book is, well … Bonkers! And Deepti Sunder added to the fun with her utterly delighful illustrations, which she took beyond the brief, putting in lovely little asides that add a new dimension to the book.


Bonkers is the story of every child’s dream dog–loving, mad, funny!

Natasha’s storytelling skills are as ever completely effortless. She has the fabulous ability to create a child’s world–perfect in the very last detail–and Bonkers is adorable. While the story is full of humour, it deals with the issue of bullying, which a lot of children have to face but are unwilling to talk about at home. And Natasha deals with the subject with a light hand, with subtlety and gentleness, but nevertheless not detracting from the seriousness of the problem.

Deepthi’s spirited artwork perfectly captures the mood of the book.



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