Which Superhero Are You?

Unleash your superhero potential and feature as a superhero in the poster for Kanika Dhillon’s Shiva and the Rise of the Shadows. Shiva cover low res


Set in DHS, a school in the remote hills of northern India, is home to an unlikely bunch of superheroes. In the world of the future, where there have been nuclear holocausts, poisoned air and large-scale destruction of human life, these teenagers become the hope for the safety of the world. Can you become the face of one of these superheroes?


All you have to do is

a. Read the descriptions below and decide which character you or your friend resemble

b. Find a photograph of yourself or a friend who you think fits this description (the photograph needs to be in portrait orientation, head to waist, facing forward, with a plain background)

c. Email it to platypus@duckbill.in by 10 October 2013.

And you or your friend could feature on the poster.

Are you Rashi? Do you have the mysterious ability to make people do as you want?

Rashi Sethi is a small, slight and ferociously intelligent teenager. When she had first joined DHS, she had been famous for her frequent outbursts, and she had been nicknamed Emo.

The Rashi look: She wears oval red glasses, and has a long braid. She carries her most important possessions around in red sling bag, from which she is never parted.

Are you Septic? Do you have the power to do telekinesis?

Sagar Bedi was one of the oldest students of the school. He is cool and tattooed, and a leader among the students. He is nicknamed Septic for his acerbic wit.

The Septic look: He is well built, with gelled hair and many tattoos, and he chews gum continuously.

Are you Chang? Can you transform into an animal?

Chang has a troubled past, and he is conflicted about his own nature. A prodigiously talented student, Chang finds in DHS his real family.

The Chang look: Chang is from northeastern India. He is slightly chubby and small, with very straight hair.

Are you Tara? Can you conduct and contain nuclear energy?

Tara is the only recorded survivor of a nuclear attack. But not only did she survive, she also contained some of the ferocity so that the devastation was limited. But this has left Tara with no memory of who she is and where she came from.

The Tara look: long straight hair, honey eyes, very pretty, slightly lost expression.

Are you Battery? Can you smell danger, fear and the past?

Aryan D’souza aka Battery is a cool teenager. He hangs around with Septic and his devil-may-care attitude hides memories of his mother whom he failed to save.

The Battery look: A mass of wild curls, low-slung jeans, leather jacket, laid back and casual.

Are you Shiva? Can you absorb the energy of your enemies and use it against them?

On the run since his parents’ death and the nuclear holocaust, Shiva has no idea how he has ended up in DHS or what special powers he has. But he knows that in the coming conflict, he has to play a role …

The Shiva look: Shiva has long hair and is extremely handsome.

Send in your photograph by 15 October to feature in the poster as a superhero!


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