Archit Taneja: The Droplet

Another story from the Duckbill Workshop in Chennai.

I took a shower today and had a weird sensation in my left ear. It felt as if there was a drop of water stuck in it. I jumped a bit with my head tilted to the left. Mum saw this and laughed “Just let it be, it’ll come out of it’s own”.

I asked “It’s not hygienic, and how will I listen in class?” What if Aarti sits next to me in the bus and talks to me and I can’t hear her? (This last part I didn’t tell mum).

After some more jumping and mum laughing, I decided to give up and get ready for school. The day just went by as usual. That night I dreamt of Aarti sitting next to me, smiling at me.

The next to next day I did end up sitting next to her, I had forgotten about the droplet in my ear, but I was still nervous because I was sitting next to Aarti. She looked at me and whispered something into my ear, I couldn’t figure out what she said, but felt something warm flowing out of my ear. It was the water droplet and it fell on her arm.

“Ewww” she screamed, but then looked at me and smiled.

It looked exactly the same.


One comment

  1. Is this Rachita narrating the story? or an earlier day Archit remisniscing about his childhood crush Aarti?

    PS: Hey! Archit and Rachita – almost an anagram! So there is some circumstantial evidence for Archit transmogrifying into Rachita. Hmm. Interesting.

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