The Duckbill Workshop in Chennai

We are just back from the Duckbill Workshop in Chennai.

With every workshop we do, we are surprised anew at the amazing talent that we find amongst the participants. This was a group of seventeen extremely bright people, many very young. The youngest participant was still in college. Several had been published before, but many had never written for children. Many were from outside Chennai and we were very touched that they had travelled from places like Pune, Bangalore and Trivandrum to come for the workshop.

With each of our workshops, we are brought to a renewed sense of how important the workshop space is. The Tara Book Building at Chennai is gorgeous, bright and airy. There are many nooks where the participants could hide during the writing assignments, to write at peace. And once we discovered that one of the participants ran a catering business (among many other things), fabulous lunches were served to us.

If you have been worried about the future of children’s writing–fear not! After some of the wonderful stories that were written during the workshop, we are sure that the future is bright and diverse and full of good things.


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