Where Writers Write: Suzanne Sangi

The last blog post in this series on the writing habits of our authors is by Suzanne Sangi, the youngest of our authors.

Suzanne Sangi is the author of Facebook Phantom, which she started writing when she was fifteen.

I’ve always wished I could look all cool–chilling at a cafe and writing away–but I’ve never been able to give my mind to what I’m writing so I’ve given up on public spaces. I write at home, on my bed, propped up against my pillow and a blanket draped around my legs.

Nights are the most conducive part of the day; I simply love the calm and quiet that work wonders. My mind gets a rush and the flow of my thoughts surprises me at times. If not for night, I would settle for late evening. I remain a slave to my nocturnal schedules.


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