Where Writers Write: RamG Vallath

The second last piece in this series comes from RamG Vallath, who is writing his next book even as we speak. Inspired by Roald Dahl’s writing space and routine, we have been asking our writers to tell us about their writing schedule.

RamG Vallath is the author of Oops the Mighty Gurgle and he is currently working on the sequel, among other things.

My favourite writing place is my desk. I do most of my writing there. The only problem is that my two kids, Squeaky and Grunter, keep landing up and pestering me with maths and science questions or generally sharing interesting stuff from school. Though at times this is a bit of a distraction, it keeps me in good humour and helps me write wacky stuff.

Weekends are when I get maximum time and the best atmosphere. I get focussed time when the rest of the family is watching their favourite serial.

On weekdays, most of the writing happens in the car, since I have a one-hour drive each way and a great driver. It also helps that Bangalore traffic is terrible. so i get to write about 1000 words each day.
In office, between checking mails, I quickly try and put down some particularly interesting thought in case I have one.

The days on which i work out, I write better, what with all the endorphin jumping around inside.


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