Where Writers Write: Balaji Venkataramanan

The next writer in our series is Balaji Venkatramanan, whose first book is published this month and is being launched in Chennai on 9 August. Inspired by Roald Dahl’s writing space and routine, we have been asking our writers to tell us about their writing schedule.

Balaji Venkataramanan is the author of Flat-track Bullies.

I generally note down ‘idea flashes’ in the back of the train ticket or on the chewing gum cover and collate the ideas late in the night.

I write in my desktop, with any TV channel (preferably music) playing in the background. I generally keep Google open while writing.

I move from the bits of paper to the computer only if I am sufficiently convinced that I have got enough material to keep things moving right through the chapter.

After drawing a rough chapter outline I approach the individual chapters as stories within stories.

My goal generally is to write four pages a week. I keep looking for material for these pages right through the week. My assumption is that if I can write four good pages in a week I can complete 4 x 52 weeks= 208 pages which would basically mean one good book in a year.

Again, one swallow doesn’t make a summer 😉

(Even here Google helped me with the detail that it’s a swallow and not a sparrow.)


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