Balaji Venkataramanan: That’s Life

I am no magician, astrologer or mind reader. Still, just tell me your name and I can write an essay on you.

You can lock yourself in your house, in the cupboard or move to Antarctica. Still, as the hero says in the movie Taken, ‘I will find you.’

‘Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.’ This quote is probably from the Stone Age or something.

Just tell me your name and Facebook will tell me the rest.

You could turn on the privacy settings, but it’s just an ostrich in the sand act.

Science Ma’am says, ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

If someone has a bat in his hand, then there is another waiting with a ball wanting to get him out. As simple as that!

I saw this quote in an auto rickshaw yesterday: ‘Man is a moron in many ways’. Is it true?

On one hand ‘No Entry’ for relatives, neighbours and pets, and on the other hand posting ‘Ravi before eating’, ‘Ravi while eating’, ‘Ravi after eating’ kinda pictures and hoping to get a million likes.

Seriously, when I grow big, I plan to do a study of the hours wasted by people around the world putting likes on other people’s FB status updates.

Will it earn me a PhD? Anyway.

Know what, the easiest and probably the only way to catch my father’s attention is to reach him on the FB.

He’s always staring at his laptop screen or checking his mobile, even when he talks to me or mama.

‘Umm, what were you saying?’

‘Appa, today is the last day to submit the report card. You signing it or should I take care?’

Now, if only the schools published the progress reports in the Facebook with options to ‘Like, ‘Share’ , ‘Promote’ or ‘Comment’ how much easier and cool that would be. Isn’t it?

Why aren’t people getting such ideas? I guess my ma’am has a point when she says “Technology needs bright minds like you.”

BTW, don’t you forget to ‘Like’ my Facebook page:

Yeah, that’s life, Mind it!


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