Where Writers Write: Parinita Shetty

The next writer in our series is Parinita Shetty. Inspired by Roald Dahl’s writing space and routine, we have been asking our writers to tell us about their writing schedule.

Parinita Shetty is the author of The Monster Hunters, a hOle book. She is the Author of the Month this month on the Duckbill Gang.

Since I have difficulty concentrating anyway, I prefer not to write outdoors where there are just too many things fighting for my attention. Not that working at home on a computer with Internet access works any better. But at least at home, I can control the distractions (she says in her third hour lost in YouTubeland watching a video of a baby elephant crossing the street). Fortunately or unfortunately, I need these controlled distractions to get any writing done. I can’t concentrate on it for too long because I have the attention span of a two-year-old. So writing happens in bits and pieces for me.

I usually write on weekdays after I get home from work, when I can grab an hour or so just before dinner. This self-imposed deadline works for me; when I have hours and hours of free time on weekends, not a smidgeon of work gets done.

I prefer writing when I’m by myself. Conversations distract me – my character ends up saying half what I wanted them to say and half what I was listening to. I also like to write on my computer. However, before I start a chapter, I like to write down the bare bones of its structure in a notebook. Sometimes I do this in the train on my way to work. But when nosy women around me sneak a peek into my book to see what I’m doing, I accidentally-on-purpose cover it up (and resort to extra bad handwriting as Plan B) because it’s not ready to be read yet!


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