Where Writers Write: Ashok Banker

Ashok Banker is a very prolific writer. We found it hard to even calculate how many books he has written, but we believe it is between 35 and 40. Here is his writing schedule, the next in our series on Where Writers Write.

Ashok Banker is the author of many novels, including Vortal Shockwave.

I usually write at home in the afternoons but I have a problem with focus – too much of it is the problem. So I tend to need as much distraction as I can get. Seriously. Dogs are great, jumping and playing all around me – Willow is sitting by my desk and I’m tossing treats to her even as I’m typing these lines. When my kids were small, I used to encourage them to have friends over and play all over the house, including my office because their yelling and music and shouting used to help. Otherwise, loud pounding EDM music or rock, just the TV going in one room, vacuum cleaner in another room, construction work outside, traffic sounds, whatever I can get. Cafes are good but a place where loud music and conversation abounds is even better: I would love to bring my laptop to the gym (where I spend all my mornings anyway, but that would be too weird unfortunately. But I love writing in public spaces, noisier and more happening the better – conversation helps too, as I can keep talking while writing.

Anything that can keep me distracted from the writing, help me balance out my intense focus and slow down the writing pace is good. I can write on anything – by hand if I have to, although I can’t write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts as I tend to get entire chapters fully formed instantly. I wrote several chapters on my iPhone recently, just for the heck of it, tried writing on my Kindle, iPad, all kinds of laptops, used to write on typewriters but the keys kept breaking off because I went too fast, too hard.

If I could I would write at the international terminal of any major airport anywhere in the world – the constant flow of faces, people, lives rushing past, comings and goings, variety of cultures, people, conversation, occasional drama and crisis, music, atmosphere, would be fabulous – apart from the free wifi of course!

Basically, anything-anytime-anywhere kinda writer, that’s me.


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