Introducing the Duckbill Gang

There is so much fun in discussing books and talking to authors, and we at Duckbill have been trying to do that. But we discovered that there was no way we could reach all the kids we wanted to reach–and so we decided, as we turn a year old, to start the Duckbill Gang.

A child who joins the Duckbill Gang

Gets to meet other cool gangsters across the subcontinent
Is introduced to a wide variety of books for kids and young adults by Indian and international authors
Gets the stuff you write and draw published on the Duckbill Gang website
Has published authors read his/her work and his/her reviews of their work
Meets authors at exclusive events for the Duckbill Gang, both online and offline
Wins lots of loot, like cool merchandise and cooler new books
Reads exclusive stuff about writing and the secret stories behind books and characters from Duckbill authors
Gets information about writing and Duckbill events across the country

Do get the chidlren and young adults you know to join! It will be fun. Have a look at the Gangsite:


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