Why We Love The Monster Hunters

Parinita wrote this story as her entry for our workshop, and it was such a complete, beautifully crafted story that we immediately knew we wanted to publish it. The Monster Hunters is a fun story with huge dollops of humour. Parinita is one of those fortunate writers to whom writing a story comes as easily as breathing. The story hops along, and the characters come tumbling out fully formed and completely believable. There’s a sense of joy that permeates Parinita’s writing. Hers is a fresh, new, lovely voice and we’re looking forward to hearing much, much more of it.

Pooja’s illustrations for the book go seamlessly with the story. There’s a certain dynamism to Pooja’s illustrations, that make her quirky, round-eyed characters look like they’re in the middle of the action.


The only confusion I ever had with Parinita’s book was that when I first met her (at our Mumbai workshop). Not because of her absurd youth (we are getting used to working with young things, as well as publishing for them!), but because she was so quiet. How could a person who wrote like that be so quiet, was my rather irrational question. But otherwise, from the time we read the manuscript, which was not even sent for publication, it was clear that this was a book which deserved to happen.

The Monster Hunters is so much fun to read—and the rather large cast of characters is diverse, wacky and completely entertaining. Parinita is an effortless writer—funny, with joyful characters and an impeccable sense of plot. We do hope that she will write many, many more books.

Pooja Pottenkulam’s hilarious illustrations perfectly depict the range of characters and locations. My favourite one is the family in a fish tank—do go look for it.



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