Anushka Ravishankar: A Completely Random Post

Some things were clearly always meant to be. Rifling through old poems for Poetry Day last week, Anushka Ravishankar found a poem she had written twenty-five years ago. And–well–read on for the reason we say it was all meant to be!

Missing the Bus

Oh crib and complain, cuss and fuss
I’ve gone and missed the blooming bus
Watched a movie, woke up late
Had my breakfast at the gate
Brushed my teeth outside the door
(Washed my face, I think, before)
Tied my laces on the path
(Forgot, I fear, to have a bath)
Did my shirt up as I ran
(Had already zipped up the pant)
No time to wear my pair of socks
Simply stuffed them in my pocks
Didn’t wait to stop and comb my hair
Knocked down Grandpa’s precious chair
Didn’t ask, ‘Sorry, did it break?’
Not even just for asking’s sake
Just picked my bag and charged right out
‘Bye all!’ Gave a hurried shout
I went out and what did I see?
The neighbour’s dog was after me!
Dodged the dog and reached somehow
Despite the deafening ‘Bow-wow-wow’
And after all that, missed the bus
Oh holy duckbilled platypus!


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