Nalini Sørensen: Mama God

One of the winning entries from the Platypus Day flash fiction contest.
Happy Platypus Day to you!

The platypus was confused,
And rightly she should be,
“Was God drunk or sleeping,
When He created me?”

“Did He just forget,
To give me one redeeming feature?
Couldn’t He have made me,
A better looking creature?”

“Child,” said a voice,
“I gave you much more,
A brain, a sense of humour,
That everyone will adore.”

“Who’s that?” she yelled,
Jumping out of her skin,
“A-A-Are you God?” she asked,
Her beak dropping to her chin.

“Close enough, really,
It’s your mama, Silly bee!
And that brain and sense of humour?
You get that from me!”



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