Laura Besley: Circus Spies Ltd.

The twelfth and final winning story for the Platypus Day flash fiction contest. Thank you all for reading! And congratulations to all our winners!

‘The platypus was confused.’
‘Well, Sir, he acted off his own back.’
‘Did he reach the destination?’
‘No. We sent in the penguin.’
‘He reached the destination, but not before the target had checked out.’
‘Bloody hell, Bill! Seems like we’re running a circus here. Please tell me that someone has managed to complete the mission.’
‘We sent in the snake.’
The only sound was the gentle tweeting of birds.
‘The snake?’ he whispered. ‘But you know-’
‘And last time-’
‘Done, Sir. Target taken out at 2 a.m. Poison, of course. Untraceable in the blood.’



  1. “.When a fertile imagination crosses the road to meet a purveyor of meticulously selected words, the resulting work is every now and then – exquisite, as evidenced by the writing of Laura Besley”.

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