Anushka Navaneeth: Confused Platypus

One of the winners in the Platypus Day flash fiction contest. Anushka Navaneeth is seven years old.

The Platypus was confused.
He just could not figure out which was right and what was left.

His friends did try to help him just as did his parents did.
But all their good natured teaching and hints and clues only confused him further.

One day he overheard a lady telling her child who surprisingly shared the same problem
” Simple- your eating hand is right and the other one is your left.”

But since he was a platypus, he really was not very clear which hand to eat with.
And that left him confused about yet another thing now!!



  1. Ahh…now I know what those platypuses (or should it be platypi?) are thinking about! Lovely insider info Anoushka. Keep up the good work.

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