Meera Nair: Confused Platypus

This story comes from Meera Nair, whose book Maya Saves the Day will be published in April 2013.

The platypus was confused. A guy was photographing her. Like she was a wedding. Or a cricket match. Or Kutub Minar. Every time she whipped around, the cameraman ducked behind a convenient tree. But clumsily, shoe sticking out, polyester pantleg flapping, like he was hoping to get caught.
She bought him a chai and samosa.
“How dare you—” she began politely.
“—you have an interesting face.”
She’d spent many sad hours in front of the mirror. It hadn’t lied.
“My nose is way too big,” she whispered.
“ Unusual looks are all the rage + many of my clients have gone from zero to hero + my right eyebrow is twitching and that’s a sure sign.” He smiled, slick and smooth as cream.

Persuaded, she posed for a few head shots (and tail shots).

The rest, as you well know, dear reader, is history.


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