Mainak Dhar: Confused Platypus

This platypus poem comes from Mainak Dhar, zombie master and author of Zombiestan and Alice in Deadland, among many others. (This and the other stories by Duckbill authors are not part of the Platypus Day flash fiction contest.)

The platypus was confused to be our mascot,
For never a book had he read, let alone bought.
But then he met Moin and his Monster,
Who proved to be quite a songster.
He joined Alice in the world of Biters
And realized their worth as fighters,
The Wordkeepers took him on a trip,
As adrenaline enveloped him in its grip,
A deadly royal recipe for fun,
With Rosseau the dog was spun.
Exhilarated, exhausted, entertained,
By the worlds the books contained.
A love of words such as he had never known,
For our duck-billed friend was now truly home.


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