Revathi Suresh: Confused Platypus

This is the confused platypus from Revathi Suresh, the author of Jobless Clueless Reckless. (And yes, it is slightly longer than 100 words, but our authors i. have special rights and ii. are not part of the contest.)

The Platypus was confused. “You mean, you d-dumping me? J-just like that?” he stammered.
She took out her compact and calmly inspected her face. “Didn’t I just say so?” she said in a bored voice and pointed in the direction of his mobile phone.
“You could have at least—”
“What? Broken it to you face to face? I just did.”
“No but—”
Look. Plato. You have no job. You haven’t a clue where you’re headed. You’re a reck.”
“Wreck,” he corrected miserably.
She looked at him coldly. “That’s what I just said and I hate it when you correct my spellings even when I talk, you @#$% emo!”
He drew himself up. “I’m not an emu and there’s no need—”
The Komodo Dragon walked up behind her. “Everything ok, baby?” he asked casually and the Platypus blinked. The big thug pulled out a wad of cash and laid it in front of him.
“Disappear. I want you to leave town tonight, Spellcheck. Go start your own publishing house or something.”
“I don’t need your money,” the Platypus said with dignity as he got up to leave. “But maybe I’ll do just that.”


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