Sharanya Deepak: Confused Platypus

This tale of the confused platypus comes from Sharanya Deepak, whose book Vampire Boy will be published in April. (This and other stories by our authors are not part of the flash fiction contest for Platypus Day, but simply for your reading pleasure.)

The platypus was confused. “Bickering bumblebees!” it growled. It could never decide what to eat for lunch. Maybe a scrumptious slippery shrimp sizzler, thought the platypus. Or a curry made from squiggling, wriggling luscious larvae. Or was it the weather for a fish and pineneedle pie? The platypus’s smile grew sinister and eyes gleamed with hunger. The whole forest shook with the rumbling of its stomach.
“MOO HAHA”, laughed the platypus, rubbing its hands together. “Watch out little folk, the time has come for the mighty duckbilled platypus to feed.” It chuckled ferociously and treaded softly on mossy ground towards the pond. A remarkable idea crossed its great mind.
“What about frog legs?”


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