RamG Vallath: Confused Platypus

This story comes from RamG Vallath, the author of Oops the Mighty Gurgle. (This and other stories by our authors are not part of the flash fiction contest for Platypus Day, but simply for your reading pleasure.)

The Platypus was confused. She had thought she would win the ‘Weirdest Creature in the Galaxy’ contest hands down. What could be cooler than a mammal that lay eggs, had the bill of a duck, the tail of a snake and the body of a beaver? But that was before she saw Oops, the Mighty Gurgle. A talking walking pumpkin superhero from outer space, that had a wacky controller program called Critter and used a powerful gadget called bamboozler seemed even weirder. Should she bite Oops on his backside and remove the competition? The Platypus was thoroughly confused.


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