Asha Nehemiah: Confused Platypus

This story of the confused platypus comes from Asha Nehemiah, whose book Trouble with Magic will be published by Duckbill in April 2013. (This and other stories by our authors are not part of the flash fiction contest for Platypus Day, but simply for your reading pleasure.)

The platypus was confused. Three cupboards of clothes and he couldn’t decide what to wear! Orange shorts? Or the green spandex — so marvellously slimming!

He asked his daughter, little platypup.

“Try my trick,” she suggested, “Just match your clothes to the day. Mauve on Monday. Turquoise Tuesdays. White Wednesdays. Scarlet Sundays. You get the drift?”

Platypus thought he did. He opened his wardrobe.

“Remember today is Fri…” the elevator door muffled the rest of her words, “….Friday dressing!”

“Friday! F-f-f” platypus ran one nail down rows of green, pink, yellow. Mauve, turquoise, white!

“F-f-f.” Poor platypus was still confused.


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