Himanjali Sankar: Confused Platypus

Himanjali Sankar, author of The Stupendous Timetelling Superdog writes about the confused platypus meeting Rousseau. (This and other stories by our authors are not part of the flash fiction contest for Platypus Day, but simply for your reading pleasure.)

The Platypus was confused because Rousseau insisted on telling her the time. It was most tedious and annoying to have a dog bark and thump its tail needlessly. Especially for a platypus who does not like to know the time. Platypuses don’t believe in time. They are anti-time crusaders. So the Platypus cut off Rousseau’s tail – gently. And Rousseau decided to daydream and ponder on the meaning of life because that is what one must do in a timeless universe. And the Platypus was no longer confused because how can there be any confusion if there is no time?


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