Duckbill at Kala Ghoda

We are delighted that the kids’ section at the Kala Ghoda Lit Fest is much bigger and brighter this year.

This is what the announcement from Kala Ghoda says:

“This year the Kala Ghoda Kids Lit Fest brings together the best in Indian children’s writing for the very first time in Mumbai. You can watch a play full of magic and mayhem, get to know a singing monster, hop on to a hilarious intergalactic adventure, meet a superdog out to save the day and travel to ancient Egypt and back for a trip around the world! Learn to write, learn to draw, learn to tell a story or two.

“So hop, skip and jump all the way to the Kids Lit Fest at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.”
Three of our authors will be there, so please do go to cheer them and other kids’ and YA authors. Since most lit fests seems to be ignoring them, they need that extra bit of cheering. All the sessions are at Kitab Khana.
At 11 am on Sunday 3 Feb, Revathi Suresh, author of Jobless Clueless Reckless will be talking and acting reckless.
Reckless moments, traumatic friendships, foggy futures – share the trials and tribulations of your teenage years with JCR author Revathi Suresh in this lively, interactive book reading and discussion for teens.
Ages 14 to 17
At 4.30 pm on Sunday 3 Feb Anushka Ravishankar, author of Moin and the Monster and Moin the Monster Songster will be doing monstrous things. She might even sing.
What do you do when you find a monster under your bed? You draw it. Once you do, it’s yours for good, even if it has the worst singing voice ever! Award-winning author Anushka Ravishankar helps you draw out your monsters in this book-reading and craft session.
Ages 7 to 10
At 5.30 on Monday 4 Feb, Himanjali Sankar, author of The Stupendous Timetelling Superdog will be telling time and other tales.
By all accounts an ordinary dog, Rousseau has one special quality – he can tell time as well as any human! So, when the clocks of the world stop, only a Superdog can save the day! Find out more in this story and craft session by the books’s author Himanjali SankarAges 8 to 11
There are also wonderful sessions by other authors who we love and admire, so do look up the full programme and be there! And tell your friends in Mumbai.

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