Mahithi Pillay: Losing Something

This is a story from the Duckbill Workshop in Bangalore by Mahithi Pillay. Our thanks to Mahithi for allowing us to use it on our blog.

Perched on a footstool, Naina pulled herself closer to the bathroom mirror, picking out dry leaves from her unruly hair and wiping off the juice from the sweet, sticky gola she had just been eating. Satisfied with the purple colour spreading all over her tongue, she moved on to survey her ears. Shrek ears, her brother called them. Despite all her coaxing and threats, she discovered that her elfish ears still pointed out in two different directions. Dejected, she turned her attention to her teeth, counting the molars and the premolars, moving up to the canines and finally to her little square incisors, one of which, to her horror, she now found missing! Her incisor was missing its twin, where in the world could it have disappeared? Naina thought about the corn on the cob she had been gobbling before the gola.


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