Priyanka Talreja: The Metal Cat

This was a story written at the Mumbai Duckbill Workshop by Priyanka Talreja. Our thanks to Priyanka for allowing us to use this.

“Yes, I am a spring. I am supposed to bend. But I am also supposed to be released! These humans … they think they can do anything. Just because we don’t have a say,” complained the annoyed spring.

“I agree,” added the screw. “I am the only piece of metal that has the power to join two pieces of wood. And look what I’m doing. I am going to be the whiskers of this ugly metallic cat. What a sheer waste of life.”

Slowly, the metal balls, which were rather shy otherwise, spoke up. “What are you complaining about? At least you get to be the whiskers. We get to be the toes of this creature. We ought to do something. We could help a cycle function. We don’t want to live like this.”

And so they all they came to a consensus.

“Tonight we break free,” said the spring.

“Tonight we will revolt and refuse to exist as a stupid showpiece that forms to be a hideous feline with a bow,” added the screws.

“Tonight, we celebrate independence day!” concluded the metallic balls with a glint of shiny evil in the eye.


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