The Duckbill Workshop in Bangalore

Duckbill, in association with Hippocampus is happy to announce the third in their series of workshops on writing for children.

Location: Hippocampus Children’s Company P Ltd
525, 16 Main, 3 Block, Koramangala
Bengaluru – 560 034
Ph: 080 25630206/ 41101927

Duration: Tuesday, December 11 to Thursday, December 13 2012, 9.00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Number of participants: Maximum 20

Conducted by: Anushka Ravishankar and Sayoni Basu

Scope of the Workshop: Fiction for children; the target ages can be anything between 7 and 14 years. We are not, therefore, working with picture books or YA books. The workshop is structured to give an overview of contemporary children’s literature, genres and trends, and an understanding of the craft of writing for children. The goal is to enable each participant to explore the kind of stories that they want to tell. The participants have the option of submitting a synopsis and/or a few chapters of a book they want to write. We will give one-on-one feedback on each submission.

Selection Criteria: We are looking for new, aspiring writers, who have not written/published substantially for children before. We welcome first-time writers, writers who’ve written in other genres or for other ages who’d like to try their hand at writing for these ages and writers who have done some writing for children. This is not a workshop aimed at established children’s authors.
Every applicant will be required to send a sample of their writing, in any genre (could be fiction/non-fiction, for children or adults). In addition, they would have to send us the name of their favourite and least favourite book for children (only one each), with a short note of not more than fifty words each, explaining the choice. The minimum age for participants is 18 years.

Charges: Anushka and Sayoni are not charging for their expertise. And Hippocampus has generously offered the use of the premises free. But neither Anushka or Sayoni live in Bangalore and they will fly down at their own expense. So there will be a fee of Rs 1500 per participant, which will go towards paying for overheads and to reimburse for tickets.
There are cafés close by, and participants can go for refreshments during the scheduled breaks.

How to Participate: Please email your name, age, address, a sample of your writing (between 200 and 1000 words) and a write-up on your favourite and least favourite children’s books (50 words each) to by 15 November.

Preparing for the Workshop: Participants will be given a reading list and should try to read as many of the books as possible before the workshop.


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