Yashvani Vacchani: Losing Things

The is a story from our Mumbai Duckbill Workshop. Our thanks to Yashavi Vacchani for letting us use it for the Duckbill Blog.

‘How was your morning, Ree?’

“Oh, the usual, Zain …My mother yelled, as she does every morning: “Rhea why are you absent-minded? Where is your water bottle? Where is the sweater, it is winter rhea, you never listen you just live in your own world. Rrrrhhheeaaa, how could you forget your school bag in the car?”

‘The best bit of this is that her eyes become really large and her hands start flailing everywhere. She really could be a pool table all by herself. Imagine Zain, she could hit her eyes with her arms and they could land up in her armpits. They would be such wonderful goals. Pool has goals, right?”

‘No, pool does not have goals; it’s not football or hockey. Don’t you anything about sports, Rhea?’

“It has sticks and a ball like hockey so it should have goals as well. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I can never understand these games. I can never understand my mother either; it is so much fun forgetting things. No one gets it that it is really easy to leave a lunch box in school when you think little people from another world want to live in it.  It’s not exactly losing something if you left it on purpose, is it? Tell me, Zain, how can I forget my school bag in the car? Isn’t it obvious I left it there because the books were tired and didn’t want to work at school? But, who will make my mother understand this? Anyway, at least the show every morning is worth it, mum looks like she is a cartoon. Do you want a ticket to the show, Zain?’

‘Thank you very much, I’ll pass.’

‘And you, the one reading this, I know you’re reading it, please can you tell my mother that losing leads to finding and it is not so bad? I could also sell you a ticket for the early morning mom screaming show. Want one?’


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