Be a Zombie this Halloween

Mukul Khattar of Inknuts who made our Zombiestan book trailer on how he did his own zombie make-up.

Remember: Very Important Instructions from Prudent Platypus

  1. Check with your parents before you do this (unless you’re so old that your parents don’t care).
  2. Use good quality products, so that your skin is not affected.
  3. Do not let anything go into your eyes, ears or mouth.
  4. Check that you have checked with your parents (or let your parents know that you have regressed into childhood and might soon move back to your old room).

This is what Mukul has to say:

The supplies you will need are simple and cheap. You will need:

  • About 300-500ml glue (depending on how many layers you want to apply)
  • Liquid foundation. Use a shade lighter than your skin colour.
  • Tweezers
  • Fake blood (you can use a red food colour or you can make fake blood by mixing karo syrup, chocolate, red and blue food colour and corn starch)
  • A dark red or maroon lipstick
  • Black/grey eyeshadow
  • Light coloured face powder
  1. Clean your face (always a good idea).
  2. Mix some glue with the liquid foundation so the glue is a slightly lighter colour than your skin.
  3. Apply the glue mixture to the part of your face which you want make seem decayed and dying. The thicker you apply the glue mixture, the better the effect. You can put one layer of the glue mixture, let it dry a bit and then add another layer of the glue mixture, until you reach the desired level of grossness.
  4. Use a hairdryer to dry off the glue mixture. The glue should not dry completely, but just enough that when you touch it with a finger, the the glue mixture doesn’t stick to your finger. Your fake skin is ready
  5. Take tweezers and pluck holes in the fake skin you’ve created. The aim is to make it look as though your skin is peeling off.
  6. Apply lipstick on the skin visible under the holes you have made. This will give the decayed spot some depth and make it look as though your skin is actually falling off.
  7. Apply the black or grey eyeshadow around your eyes to create dark circles.
  8. Add blood by using a dropper and letting the fake blood drip into the  wounds. Some of the blood should run down your face.
  9. Use a light powder all over your face.

Now you are ready to be the scariest person this Halloween! (Or you know how you’ll look a few years from now, if you don’t stop smoking, drinking and biting off more than you can chew.)



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