The Making of the Zombiestan Trailer

We hope you have seen and liked the trailer for Zombiestan. If not, go see it NOW:

Looks pretty good, we think.

We worked with Inknuts, a small but very creative company run out of Kanpur. Mukul is an old friend, and took on the project though our budgets were way below what he would normally be paid.

Our budgets were not the only problem. In most book trailers, suitable stock footage is identified and used–but there is a certain dearth of Indian zombie stock footage floating around, especially ones where the zombies all wear black turbans.

The only solution was to actually shoot the footage. But Mukul could afford neither a professional make-up artist nor actual actors, at the rates we could offer.

So he decided to take the route taken by Roberto Benigni, Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood and star in his own film.

Mukul did his own make-up, using a mixture of glue, foundation and food colouring–his guest post on how to make yourself up as a zombie will be up soon, for those of you who are seeking a new look this Halloween. The turbans were a challenge:  like many of us, Mukul had never tied one.

However, he discovered that wonderful things can be done out of many sheets of crumpled newspaper and two metres of black cloth.

He also needed a few supporting actors. Three surprised carpenters, who were making bookshelves in Mukul’s mother house, suddenly found themselves walking the zombie walk. In black turbans, of course.

So if you look carefully at our lovely Zombiestan trailer,  you might spot one zombie designer/filmmaker and three rather bemused zombie carpenters.

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