Ruchika Chanana: Historical Fiction

From our Mumbai Duckbill Workshop. Our thanks to Ruchika for letting us use this.

Ravi threw the ball to Bani. Bani missed it and it flew over the wall.

They looked at each other, and then quickly behind them to check if the daroga was watching. Then Bani put her foot in a gap in the bricks, and jumped over, her long, loose kurta nearly catching on the uneven surface.  She landed on her feet, pigtails flying, and looked up.

The prisoner was leaning casually against a tree, smoking a beedi, for all the world looking like he was waiting for a Devika Rani show to start at the talkies. Slightly irritated, Bani pulled up her kurta and without a word, handed him the little packet she had hidden below.

He opened it, unrolled the khadi cap and shirt and seized the curved dagger.

‘Tell babu bhai that the job will be done,’ he said. ‘Jai Hind!’

Then he was gone.


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