Publishing Next 2012

I am just back from the Publishing Next conference in Goa, and buzzing with energy!

The conference was simply wonderful. There was a bunch of really committed, really smart people in publishing and related industries, sharing what they do and what they want to do, and sharing vociferously their often divergent opinions. There was often more passion in those two rooms than in fifty pages of Fifty Shades, though (thankfully) of a different sort.

The subjects of conversation were diverse: how to find new authors, investment in the publishing and publishing services sector, distribution issues, marketing, digital products and how to set about creating them, comic books, translations … The participants included grumpy publishers, sparkling techies who had never read a book, social marketing gurus, venture bankers, retailers of different denominations, authors, translators and  many more.  And of course everything ended with feni on the beach, so the fierce debates of the day gave way to the mellow companionship of the evenings.

A big thanks to Leonard, Queenie and everyone of the Publishing Next team.

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