Vaani Arora: Historical fiction

This story was written during the Duckbill Workshop in Delhi. The participants were given a situation, and asked to develop the situation according to the conventions of a particular genre. This is Vaani Arora’s historical fiction. Our thanks to Vaani for allowing us to use this story.

Surinder threw a ball at Amar, but Amar missed it and it flew over the wall of the gurudwara. The sound of the sirens and the police patrol had gone down in the afternoon, so the sound of the ball landing in the gurudwara courtyard echoed in Gali-no.3 of Fateh Nagar.

Surinder and Amar looked at each other in alarm. If any of the Akalis knew that Amar was hiding in the storeroom on the terrace of Surinder’s house, they would have shoved a kirpan into his Hindu belly just like they had done to his parents.



  1. Intense lines cleverly and quickly reveal so much information, that the story grabs you immediately! Awesome, Vaani!

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